NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Slams UT Volunteers Football: ‘Can’t Be Any Worse’

by Chris Haney

On Saturday afternoon, the #18 Tennessee Volunteers got stomped by the unranked Kentucky Wildcats, and Vols fan and NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was not happy.

The longtime University of Tennessee fan took to Twitter to express his disappointment in the blowout loss. The Vols ended up losing 34-7, and Wallace had a suggestion for the team in his post. The famous driver jokingly said that the team should substitute him in for the Vols current quarterback.

In the post, Wallace dressed in a Tennessee orange T-shirt and a Volunteers football helmet. The driver got in a quarterback stance with football in tow as if he was about to throw a touchdown pass.

“Can’t be any worse…,” Wallace tweeted in disgust. “Hell, put me in!!!”

After the blowout loss to the unranked school, lots of Vols fans likely felt the same as Wallace. Yet, this was not the only time Wallace posted his frustrations about his favorite college football team.

Wallace Has Criticized Tennessee in the Past

During the 2019 season, the Vols suffered a similar lopsided loss against the Florida Gators. In the middle of the game that ended 34-3, Wallace criticized the team on Twitter. In fact, he specifically called out quarterback Jarrett Guarantano for his poor play. Guarantano threw for only 107 yards and threw two interceptions with zero touchdowns in the matchup.

The driver gave an interview to For the Win following the loss. During the interview, he described his favorite college team as being “terrible.”

“We’re terrible,” Wallace said. “I’ve turned into one of those fans that’s an angry fan who wants to see us win! And it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a good Vols win.”

Later that week, Wallace was gifted an appropriately accurate T-shirt that had “You’re killin’ me Vols” printed on it.

However, the NASCAR driver is sticking by his team and says he supports them through thick and thin. Albeit with a few criticisms thrown their way from time to time.

“At the end of the day, I still love my Vols from the bottom of my heart,” he explained. “Obviously I still bleed orange. But, woo, it’s starting to hurt a little bit. It is tough to watch. But you stick through it, thick and thin.”