‘National Parks’: Major Update on When the Series From ‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Will Air

by Jon D. B.

Alongside a major title update for the series, Deadline reports Kevin Costner’s National Parks is being considered for a 2021-22 midseason debut.

ABC is hard at work crafting the future of their network. Three shows have been given series pickups today, with just as many getting the axe. And then there’s Kevin Costner’s first foray into writing for television: National Parks.

Firstly, Deadline reports the show with the title National Parks Investigation. This is a change from the shorter, less-specific National Parks title associated with the project over the past year. The switch is a sensical one, as the series looks to focus on investigative crimes within America’s National Parks system, rather than the parks themselves.

In addition, National Parks Investigation is now one of five pilots ABC is “considering” for their 2021-22 broadcast season, Deadline states Friday. The Kevin Costner project is currently on the table for a midseason premiere.

The crime series is co-written and executive produced by the Yellowstone lead. NPI will follow a small group of elite parks service agents as they solve crimes. Each is also responsible for protecting the parks, as well. An avid Outsider himself, Costner has written the series to feature as much of the “beautiful landscapes” of America’s national parks as possible.

It’s an intriguing concept, no doubt, and one that has not been the specific focus of a major American television outing.

‘National Parks Investigation’ Should Deliver

Kevin Costner’s Territory Pictures Entertainment is producing alongside 20th Television and A+E Studios. The show is co-written by Aaron Helbing and Jon Baird alongside Costner. The two are frequent collaborators with Costner, and have also co-penned several of his outdoors-centric novels.

Anthony Hemingway will direct the pilot, which will star Tiffany Dupont, Billy Campbell, Angel Parker and Gerardo Celasco. Ashleigh Sharpe Chestnut and Blu Hunt will also feature prominently.

The nature-laden drama will not star Costner, however. So far, all major trades point to Costner’s involvement being behind-the-scenes only.

Outsider is betting on Costner simply looking for a change of pace. And we cannot wait to see what his NPI brings to the table.

With ABC looking ahead to a 2021-22 midseason premiere for the show, Kevin Costner fans can hopefully expect the unique property sooner rather than later. The consideration is no small deal, either, as the pilot has (reportedly) yet to be completed. As such, all signs point to ABC banking on NPI being a shoe-in for their upcoming midseason slate.

For all the latest from National Parks – now National Parks Investigation, stick with your fellow Outsiders.