Navy Veteran Feels ‘Honored and Blessed’ Dwayne Johnson Gifted Him His Truck

by Thad Mitchell

Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock” is a giving man and he proved it recently with his gift to United States Navy Veteran.

Once one of the top draws for professional wrestling giant WWE, Dwayne Johnson is now a Hollywood leading man. His rise to fame has been incredible to watch, starting from a low-rung, second-generation wrestler to a legit superstar. His breakthrough in wrestling came when he developed “The Rock” persona a short time into his wrestling career. One of the most popular wrestlers of all time, he ranks up there with Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H as top performers. Athletically gifted, charismatic and physically astonishing, Dwayne Johnson won numerous WWE titles. He would leave the wrestling profession and become one of the highest-paid actors in the modern era.

Despite all of his success inside and outside the ring, Dwayne Johnson hasn’t forgotten where he comes from. He’s made a habit of rewarding those who have helped him along the way and giving to the people he admires. One such person is Oscar Rodriguez, a hardworking and community-oriented Navy veteran. At a screening for his latest film “Red Notice,” Dwayne Johnson gifted Rodriguez with a customized Ford Truck. Rodriguez recently penned a letter thanking The Rock for recognizing him.

“There was something in particular he said to me that was very impactful,” he writes. “He told me that every time I drive the truck I should think about all the good I have done, all the good I’m doing and to keep doing it. That was perfect. I have the truck at my home now. But I don’t want to just drive it to work. I want to drive it with friends and enjoy it.

Dwayne Johnson Get Big Thank You From Truck Recipient

Rodriguez continues his letter by expressing his thankfulness for Dwayne Johnson’s gift.

“I feel honored and blessed to have this truck from someone super successful who has impacted so many lives,” he says. “I could never afford a truck like this at this stage of my life. The Rock inspires me to work hard, be kind to people, and to always be authentic. Through him, I feel like God is looking down on me and saying: ‘Great job, keep it going.'”

Rodriguez says he’s become somewhat of a celebrity since his interaction with Dwayne Johnson.

“The reaction to this has been amazing,” he continues. “People all around the world, from England to India, Australia and Chile, have been messaging me in different languages. They’ve been telling me ‘good job’ and ‘you deserve it!'”

His next goal, he says, is to get a workout in with Dwayne Johnson.

“The Rock and I have been in contact through Instagram since and he follows me now,” he says. “I’m hoping one day to work out with him. That would be my next dream—why not keep dreaming?”