NBA’s Michael Jordan & NASCAR’s Richard Petty ‘Fans of Each Other’ in 1982 Photo

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

A pretty ironic vintage photo of two iconic North Carolinians is circulating Twitter. Richard Petty, the owner of Bubba Wallace’s current team, laughs with college-age Michael Jordan, the owner of Wallace’s upcoming 2021 team.

Under the 1982 photo, the caption reads, “The two heroes said they’re fans of each other.”

Bubba Wallace’s worlds colliding is entertaining NASCAR fans. The coincidence of the two team owners together during Jordan’s freshman year at UNC-Chapel Hill is racking in tons of comments. Some users retweeted the image with their own comments added to the original tweet.

“Tell me this isn’t one of the most bada– photos ever, you can’t,” one writes. Another wrote simply, “🐐 x2” commenting on the two greats.

“So Jordan has been around NASCAR longer than Denny? 😏 ” another user writes. Denny Hamlin was just one-year-old at the time of the 1982 World 600. So, while Denny Hamlin has NASCAR history with 43 Cup wins and is a 3x Daytona 500 Champion, it appears Michael Jordan stepped on the race track well before Hamlin did.

Many are drawing connections and comparisons between the two famous North Carolinians.

Similarly, this user tries to grapple with the insane success of the two team owners. Being able to call either Richard Petty or Michael Jordan your boss in a lifetime is incredible…Bubba Wallace now can say he’s driven for both super-stars.

Bubba Wallace will complete the 2020 NASCAR season with Richard Petty Motorsports before moving to Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin’s new team in 2021.