‘NCIS’ Actor Brian Dietzen Offers Support to Former Co-Star Pauley Perrette After She Makes Emotional Plea

by Katie Maloney

Friends have each other’s backs. And that’s certainly the case for former “NCIS” co-stars Pauley Perrette and Brian Dietzen. The two starred alongside each other on “NCIS” for almost 14 years. Perrette played Abby Sciuto and Dietzen plays Jimmy Palmer. And after that many years together onscreen, the actors were bound to form a friendship. So, when Perrette shared an emotional post on Twitter, Dietzen was one of the first to respond. That’s what friends do, right?

The former “NCIS” star’s post was a call to action for all of her fans. Perrette encouraged them to get vaccinated after the death of her father. Her father passed away after contracting COVID earlier this year.

Perrette wrote, “I WANT MORE #covid#VACCINE I’m vaxed, but watched daddy die to this cruel thief. Why IS #GOP killing their OWN PARTY? Daddy was a BIG GOP. He’s DEAD! GOP LEADERS ARE ALL #vaxed!!! You’re their pawns. They’re KILLING YOU! Think! PLEASE GET #VAXED or this is all you’ll have left:”

Along with the post, Perrette shared photos of her father on a respirator in a hospital before his passing.

Pauley Perrette Receives Comfort From Her Former ‘NCIS’ Co-Star Brian Dietzen

That’s when her former “NCIS” co-star stepped in. Dietzen replied with a heartbreak emoji and wrote, “So sorry my friend. Hoping and praying for many more shots in arms.”

However, vaccination efforts aren’t the only thing the former “NCIS” star advocates for. Pauley Perrette is involved in all kinds of charities and organizations. Most recently, she attended an event for Project Angel Food. The organization prepares and delivers healthy meals to families affected by illness. This past weekend Perrette attended one of the organization’s events. Other celebrities to support Project Angel Food include Ringo Starr, “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and comedians Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch.

Perrette has even joined icon Betty White in her advocating efforts. The two are big animal lovers and have attended several events together. In 2012 the two teamed up to present at the Second Annual Hero Dog Awards. During the show, awards were presented to heroic dogs in six different categories: Guide/hearing, law enforcement and detection, military, search and rescue, service, shelter, and therapy dogs.

During an interview in 2013, the former “NCIS” star talked about attending dog award shows with Betty White.

“It’s always me and Betty White,” said Perrette with a laugh. “We’re, like, together all the time.”

Perrette also joked that she thought Betty White cloned herself.

“She’s fantastic, but I think that she’s a clone,” she said. “Because she’s got two TV shows, she’s at every charity event I am. I think there are like six of her and we just don’t know it.”