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‘NCIS’ Actor Jennifer Esposito Drops Fourth of July ‘Freedom’ Pic

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Let freedom ring! NCIS star Jennifer Esposito took to her Instagram page to share a special Fourth of July “Freedom” snapshot. 

“Fireworks this 4th and every day,” Jennifer Esposito captions the post, featuring her kissing her husband, Jesper Vesterstrøm. “To Freedom… whatever that means to you. X”

Jennifer Esposito married the fitness trainer at a small beach ceremony in September 2020.  Esposito shared photos of the event, which features her wearing a gorgeous yellow dress and jean jacket while Vesterstrøm wearing what looks like a surfing suit. The couple also showed off their wedding bands. 

Jennifer was previously married to Bradley Cooper and Louis Dowler.

Jennifer Esposito Shares Her Thoughts About Acting 

During a 2019 interview with Power Women TV, Jennifer Esposito reveals she doesn’t actually feel “completely at home” as an actress. “I love acting,” Jennifer states. “But the business was just not something I loved.” Esposito further explains that she thought she was getting into a “very creative” field, but in the end, she felt unfulfilled. 

“Certain roles were genius,” Jennifer Esposito claims. “And you got to really get in there and act. But mostly, unless you become a top tier of an actress – and that takes money behind you [from] your last movie – really just business.”

Jennifer Esposito notably was on NCIS for one season as Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn before departing for her role in the 2018 crime drama film Speed Kills. She was also in Blue Bloods, Samantha Who?, The Affair, Mistresses, and The Boys. 

Jennifer Talks Celiac Disease Diagnosis 

In 2014, Jennifer discussed her Celiac Disease diagnosis with Katie Couric. During the interview, Esposito states that she received various diagnoses from her doctors before being officially diagnosed with the disease.

“I was told everything from MS to IBS,” Jennifer explains. “I was searching for so long for answers. When you take gastric problems, backaches, sinus problems, and panic attack – a doctor, understandably, is trying to put that in a puzzle and make that make sense.”

Jennifer also states knowing now what she knows about the disease, the diagnosis now makes sense to her. “The small intestine basically is housing the serotonin in your brain and it causes depression if it’s not balanced. So this is what was happening to me.”

Jennifer then explains how she got her “wake-up call” while on the set of Samantha Who? because her knees gave out. She also had skin problems and yellowing. “One day on set we were doing a scene and a tooth popped out of my mouth,” Jennifer recalls. She then adds that she also had panic attacks and was housebound for a while due to the disease’s damage to her central nervous system.