‘NCIS’ Actor Wilmer Valderrama Makes ‘Impromptu Visit’ with Soldiers at Fort Bliss in Texas

by Joe Rutland

“NCIS” actor Wilmer Valderrama was just wandering around the West Texas town of El Paso and thought he’d make a little trip to Fort Bliss.

Valderrama, who plays Special Agent Nick Torres on the CBS crime drama, spent some time with soldiers who are based there. Fort Bliss is located on El Paso’s east side and has been a military base where soldiers have trained for decades.

Take a look at this photo of Valderamma with some of America’s soldiers.

It should come as no surprise to see the “NCIS” star spending time with members of the military. Walderamma is a USO Global Ambassador, meaning he gets to travel around the world and perform for the troops. This tradition goes way back to the days of actor-comedian Bob Hope and many others entertaining the men and women of the Armed Forces.

“Touring with the USO has been one of the proudest moments of my career,” he said on PRNewsWire.com. “Because it has given me the chance to pay my respect and personally express my gratitude to our servicemen and women.”

‘NCIS’ Star Will Have Plenty To Deal With In Upcoming Season

Obviously, the season finale on “NCIS” saw Torres finally kissing Ellie Bishop, played by now-former cast member Emily Wickersham.

Bishop is going on assignment but not before some past history reared its ugly head. She admitted to taking classified information from her files at the National Security Agency. That’s a big no-no, by the way. But Bishop told Nick that Odette leaked the classified information. She lied.

Odette, in the episode, is shown to be speaking with Bishop and pretty much luring her away from “NCIS.”

So Bishop going undercover. Torres understands that deal as he was an undercover agent himself before taking on his new role.

As she is leaving, she steps closer to Torres and gives him a kiss. The moment many “NCIS” fans have been waiting for finally arrives, only to see Bishop and Emily Wickersham go off into the sunset.

Now we haven’t even started really talking about what Gibbs [Mark Harmon] will be facing, either. You recall that he was last seen when his Rule 91 boat went up in an explosion.

Yet the biggest news “NCIS” fans will have to deal with is the fact that Harmon is only planning to appear in a few episodes this upcoming season. While actors have come and gone on the show, Harmon’s been one of those stone-cold fixtures.

Some outlets have said Harmon will be appearing in episodes that total the single digits. Low single digits. But no one has outright said what the total number of appearances will be for Gibbs.

The old adage of “Stay tuned!” would fit this situation quite well.