‘NCIS’ Actor Hilariously Responded to Fans’ Comments That He ‘Doesn’t Age’: ‘One Day’

by Katie Maloney

This “NCIS” actor has been with the show since its 14th season. Since his debut, he’s become a series regular and a fan favorite. Can you guess which actor we’re talking about?

We’ll give you a hint: His love interest on “NCIS”, Ellie Bishop actress Emily Wickersham just left the show. If you guessed Wilmer Valderrama, who plays NCIS Special Agent Nicholas Torres on the show, you’re right! Since his debut on the show four seasons ago, Valderrama has captured the attention of “NCIS” fans for many reasons. Some of those reasons include his acting talents, humor, and charisma. However, one of the main reasons so many fans are glued to Valderrama’s social media account is his physical appearance. During a video for Men’s Health in 2019, Valderrama answered questions and comments from fans. One fan wrote, “I don’t think you age.”

Valderrama immediately blushed and pretended to be shy. He smiled and said, “I’m sorry. I’m just so shy. You say things like that and I’m just so shy.”

Then he added that that wasn’t the first time he heard that comment

“You know what, it’s so crazy. I’ve been hearing that for a while now,” said Valderrama. “

However, Valderrama has a theory on how he will (eventually) age.

“And I feel like it’s just all going to hit me,” said Valderrama. “Like one day I’m going to wake up and I’m going to look like I’m 76.”

He hilariously added that he expects to one day go bald overnight.

“I feel like, ‘Oh look, I’m so young, I’m so young. And then, BOOM, bald. That’s what’s going to happen.”

Wilmer Valderrama replies to comments and questions from social media.

Did Wilmer Valderrama Know That Nick and Eleanor Wouldn’t End Up Together on ‘NCIS’?

Every television show needs a “Will they? Won’t they?” relationship. And for the last few seasons, Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop were that duo. However, the show confirmed that the couple officially wouldn’t be happening at the end of this season. The season concluded with Bishop resigning from NCIS for good to begin working on a long-term undercover operation.

But it seems like Wilmer Valderrama knew that this would be the couple’s conclusion long before fans ever suspected that Bishop would be leaving the show. During the same interview, Valderrama answered a question about his onscreen romance.

“So everybody thinks there’s something going on between these two characters. And, you know, I hate to say it but I’m not sure if it’s going to go down that road,” said Valderrama. “Torres is in a very dark place and he’s going in a different direction. The writers’ job and my job is to keep you guessing so who knows what’s going to happen.”

So, there you have it two years before the couple said their final goodbyes, the “NCIS” star may have been warning fans not to get their hopes up.