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‘NCIS’: Why Actor Wilmer Valderrama Has ‘Learned Some Hard Lessons’ on the Series

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for The Latinx House)

Wilmer Valderrama plays special agent Nicholas Torres on the hit CBS series NCIS.

Valderrama may have found fame playing the lovable and adorable Fez on “That 70s Show.” The character he plays on NCIS is a whole lot different. Valderrama joined the series in 2016 as an undercover agent whose cover was blown. When he joins NCIS, Torres has been on an undercover assignment for years.

Nick Torres eventually joins the NCIS team, headed by Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon). Although, Torres has had some concerns adjusting to a life outside of being undercover. 

‘NCIS’ Star, Wilmer Valderrama Does His Own Stunts

Due to his training, Torres has become an expert in combat training. A skill that has led to unpredictable moments during the NCIS character’s run on the show. 

While many of these exciting moments may lead to tense moments for fans of NCIS, Valderrama, who has had extensive martial arts training, is proud to mention he does most of his own stunts. 

During an interview with “Studio 10,” Valderrama discusses his experiences performing his own stunts on the hit television series. 

“I choreograph my own fights, and I do a lot of my own fight sequences like flying over cars and sliding over hoods and things like that,” the “NCIS” actor told the outlet. However, the star added that while he likes to do his own stunts there are a couple of stunts he says he never should have attempted on his own.

An Explosive Lesson For Valderama

“There was an episode where my character pulls up to his apartment and notices his garage is open,” the NCIS star said. During the interview, Valderrama tells “Studio 10” that in the garage was a motorcycle his character had used during an undercover job. 

“As I approach the bike, the bike explodes,” said Valderrama. “When you create a contained explosion in a three-wall setting like a box, and the garage is open, there is only one way the explosion goes.” 

The “NCIS” actor said as he walked towards the bike. As he did, he felt the explosion and the fire around his body. 

Valderrama was okay, overall, however, he did have a few singed arm hairs after the incident. 

“Eventually I actually asked ‘is my face okay?’ Because I started smelling burned hair,” he says with a laugh. The star added that his face was fine, but his arm hairs did burn a little bit. 

“You know the movie “Backdraft?” I was in that movie for a split-ten second,” Valderrama joked.