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‘NCIS’: The Advice Sean Murray Wishes He Could Give to Younger Self

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

All of us worry about things we can’t control, to one extent or another. The same can even be said for NCIS star Sean Murray.

Sean Murray is an actor who is without question best known for his role on NCIS. He plays Special Agent Timothy McGee and has been a part of the show for an astounding 18 seasons now.

Murray decided that he was going to be an actor when he was just a kid. As a matter of fact, he served as an extra in the Steve Martin and Joan Cusack film My Blue Heaven back. And in the spirit of Halloween, it would only make sense we mention that Murray also appeared in Hocus Pocus in 1993. However, there’s no denying that he has come a very long way since then.

As we grow older, we also grow wiser and more aware of the things that could stop us from accomplishing our goals. Even some of the most successful actors today started out young and in need of guidance. Sean Murray sat down with Forbes Magazine back in 2017 where he explained what his number one piece of advice would be to his younger self.

“Stop worrying so much,” he said. “Worrying is the biggest waste of energy and bad for you.”

This is just another example that shows actors are just people like us at the end of the day. For however popular and famous they may appear to be, we all have to deal with things like worry. It’s pretty cool that Murray was willing to share his life advice to himself so that we can learn along with him.

“A lot of us wish we could have told our younger selves that,” he admitted. “Don’t sweat the small things.”

Pauley Perrette Once Gave Her Fellow ‘NCIS’ Star an Acting Tip

Speaking of Sean Murray and not worrying, he’s got a pretty great NCIS story that illustrates his point perfectly.

Years ago, Murray was in the middle of filming an episode that had him reading off mountains of dialogue in every scene. After memorizing so many lines for the episode, Murray told the Chicago Tribune that he had hit a wall. Luckily for him, the final scene he was shooting was one with Pauley Perrette who played Abby Sciuto. Perrette knew exactly what her co-star was going through at the time.

“Pauley just kind of smirked and she said, ‘Sean, we’ve all had that happen. Here’s what I want you to do: I want you to take a piece of paper and write your monologue down and I want you to stick it on the computer in front of you and I want you to read it as if you’re saying it to me.”

At the time, Murray said he felt like the worst actor in the world. But if he had the same mindset back then as he has now, he probably wouldn’t have sweated it so much.