‘NCIS’: Agent Torres’s ‘Words of Wisdom’ Never Fail in New Clip

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sonja Flemming/CBS

NCIS is on holiday hiatus. But to get you through the dearth of nothing new from your favorite show, the series is offering a look back at a heart-warming moment in Monday’s episode.

The show’s social media team called the clip “Torres and his words of wisdom.” And of course, it was only proper for NCIS to include a heart emoji. The scene featured Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) getting to know his new friend and partner Jess (Katrina Law). Torres picked up on some unsettling vibes as Jess relished talking to an interactive hologram of murder victim Sandra Holdren.

In NCIS Episode, Jess Spent Hours Talking to a Hologram

The hologram was so real that Jess spent hours (off camera) talking to it. And each time, Sandra addressed Jess as her estranged daughter, Ruby.

Meanwhile, Torres isn’t much of a tech fan on NCIS. And he didn’t much like talking to a hologram that cost $250,000 and took days for a tech company to create. While Jess thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk to a murder victim, post-murder, the hologram freaked out Torres. And Sandra’s hologram didn’t like interacting with him.

So cut to this NCIS scene. Torres and Jess were returning back to the office. And Torres noticed that his partner was in a different mindset.

You ok? Torres asks. “Seriously, what’s up?”

Jess tells him: “I think it’s his case, you know the disconnect between Sandra and Ruby hits a little too close to home for me.” Torres asks Jess if she and her mom fight a lot.

“Not anymore,” Jess tells Torres. “We haven’t spoken to each other in months.” And Torres asks “why is that?” Jess stared a hole through him. “Fair enough,” Torres says.

” I appreciate you asking,” Jess replied. “My mom and I, it’s complicated.”

That’s when Torres cut to the chase in this NCIS moment we all can use in our real lives.

“Does she love you?” he asks. Jess nods her head yes. “Do you love her?” (Yes). “Maybe it’s not as complicated as you think.”

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Spoiler: Jess Calls Her Mom as Team Solves the Murder

At the very end of the NCIS episode, we see Jess on the phone. She called her mother. Sandra, the dead woman, inspired her. During the hour, we learned that Sandra was a rich financial advisor. But Ruby, her daughter, hated her. Sandra, allegedly, had stolen millions from her clients. Her son, Ben, was so devastated he drove his car off a bridge. Ruby was raising her brother’s child, Sandra’s grandson, as her own.

Ruby wouldn’t speak to her mother, so Sandra paid for a hologram so that her daughter and grandson would get to know her more. Sandra knew she was dying. She had terminal cancer. But she didn’t know she’d be shot to death while watching from afar as her grandson played soccer. See how sad this is? Call your mother.

Because it’s NCIS, there were several twists as to who did it. Turns out, it was Sandra’s lawyer, who said his client never stole any money, she just took the blame. Like Jess, Ruby also got back in touch with her mother, but only through the hologram.

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