‘NCIS’ Airs First Episode Without Gibbs and Fans Aren’t Sure What To Think

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Mark Harmon’s 18-year run as “NCIS” stud Leroy Gibbs is over, and fans seem happy but torn by the actor’s low-key exit.

Harmon told CBS he wanted to go out quietly, and he earned that right. He’s got his “sense of peace,” and he’s come a long way since 2003. I mean, what’s going to happen to all those Simpsons fans when Fox pulls the plug on that 33-season show?

A Little ‘NCIS’ Housekeeping First

TVLine tries to clear things up from this episode. Did Vance offer the job to agent Alden Parker? After a bit of drama of missing out on a Simon & Garfunkel reunion concert.

What do the characters all think? Parker seems to have Gibbs’s blessing for the job. Does Torres? All signs say no? 

Did McGee want the job? He wasn’t transparent at first, but later it seems like he wasn’t thrilled about giving up his whole life to being a team leader.

Is Jimmy Palmer going to be OK? At first, he seemed to cling onto Ducky, wanting the comfortable mentor to stick around forever. But “Change is the essence of life,” Ducky counseled his mentee. Time heals all wounds.

Finally, what’s Kasie Hines going to think of her new boss relationship? She might go for the “shoot first, ask questions later” approach. So, look for some heightened drama there.

Fans OK With LAG (Life After Gibbs)

Gibbs is gone, Parker’s here, and let’s talk. Let’s all put the chairs in this big internet room in a socially distanced circle and see what true “NCIS” fans think. 

Twitter fan Saphaia wasn’t ready to give the episode a meh but instead said she was OK with the plot. A little different without the man, but OK.

One Twitter fan named Fran was OK with the change, saying that she’s Team NCIS and looks “forward to what comes next.”

Twitter fan Nange dusted off the old David Bowie song “Changes” to express her feelings for Gary Cole’s move into Harmon’s old spot. To her, the move kind of fit like hand-in-glove.

Another Twitter fan, Anita R., still called the show “the best.” To her, there was no change with LAG (life after Gibbs).

Sandy was also cool with NCIS after Gibbs. She sort of seemed to be not on the fence but on her way down from it with positive vibes for future episodes.

What does NCIS fan William say about the show with Harmon long gone? Well, he gives high marks for the episode, high marks for Cole’s Parker character, but maybe a sentimental demerit comes off because no one can replace Gibbs just yet. 

I mean, give Willy some time. It’s a bit like losing your dog and having to find a new best friend.