‘NCIS’: Is Alden Parker Actor Gary Cole on Social Media?

by Madison Miller

The best way to keep up with “NCIS” is to tune in every Monday night to watch the crew take care of investigations that roll their way.

The long-running procedural drama has gone through a lot of different stars over the years. From Michael Weatherly to Pauley Perrette to now Mark Harmon. The lead investigator said goodbye to his team during this most recent episode of “NCIS.”

Amongst the many goodbyes on the show, he may be one of the hardest for fans to understand. The tears from Agent McGee certainly didn’t help, either.

Gary Cole on Social Media, Cast’s Internet Presence

Now, fans are speculating on whether or not Alden Parker, played by Gary Cole, will be taking over Gibbs’ spot on “NCIS.” One of the best ways to stay up to date with the characters and the actors is on social media. Some offer commentary and perspective of what’s going on during the show. For example, it was Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer, that gave fans the hint that Ducky would be returning to the show soon.

Meanwhile, does Gary Cole happen to have a social media account that could shed more light on his character? The short answer is, no he does not. Cole is not present on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok. That is, publically at least.

Gary Cole isn’t the only “NCIS” star to not have a huge presence on social media. Mark Harmon, who is also the executive producer of the series, does not have a whole lot to say over social media.

On the other hand, Sean Murray does have social media. That includes his Twitter account in which he often discusses the show. Wilmer Valderrama, a newer member of “NCIS,” has a very heavy social media presence.

Is Agent Parker the Gibbs’ Replacement?

As soon as Gary Cole was officially added to the cast list for this season, fans got worried.

Would writers try to make him the new Gibbs? How quickly would Gibbs leave the show? Perhaps it was the similar silver fox hair, strict attitude, and older age compared to the other agents that were a bit of a warning flag for viewers.

When he was first cast, producers were clear that Cole is not meant to be a Gibbs replacement. Gibbs was always expected to only appear this season in a very limited capacity, so his exit really wasn’t much of a surprise.

Sources told TV Line all the back in June that fans shouldn’t worry about Alden Parker replacing Gibbs and that was not going to be the character’s role in the series. Could this have changed since then?

Since Gibbs is no longer the supervisory Special Agent at “NCIS,” who will officially be taking over that position back at headquarters? Although Gibbs may not be “replaced” he does still need a replacement, after all.