‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham Announces She’s Pregnant with Poolside Photo

by Shelby Scott

Summer is the perfect time to show off pregnant bellies poolside and NCIS star, Emily Wickersham, did just that. She recently posted the photo to her Instagram account with the caption, “my mom taking a picture of a future mom with a baby boy on the way!” The star sports a simple black bikini and sunhat, lovingly looking down at her adorable baby bump. Fans flooded the post wishing her the best of luck and well-deserved congratulatory remarks.

“Agent Bishop” didn’t give us the satisfaction of a due date in the post. However, she doesn’t look to be newly pregnant and we hope so far her venture’s been relatively easy. Hopefully soon, the actress provides us greater details on her newest addition. For now though, we are just happy she seems to be enjoying both summer and her pregnancy.

Nevertheless, the star has done a pretty good job at keeping her little bundle a secret from us. One of her other more recent Instagram posts features her in a comfy and light summer outfit. Her blonde hair perfectly frames her face and she playfully purses her lips and points out at the viewer in the photo. However, she managed to hide her bump. Either way, Wickersham looks wonderful as always and we plan to release more information as it comes.

Emily Wickersham Opened Up About One of Her Favorite ‘NCIS’ Episodes

While Wickersham may have a new favorite person in her life very soon, she recently shared one of her favorite NCIS episodes. This particular episode aired during season 15, following her debut on the NCIS hit show in its 13th season as an ex-NSA agent. Wickersham stated she enjoyed the season 15 episode so much because, since her character doesn’t typically go undercover, that wasn’t the case this particular time. During the episode, Wickersham shared she was able to play as two different undercover characters.

“That was a real treat for me,” she shared during the 2018 interview with CBS News. Nevertheless, all good things come to an end. The star stated that following season 18, her character “Bishop” won’t be returning. Is it because of her latest addition? Perhaps, but she admitted that consistency in acting is a “rarity” and that she’s been lucky to be a part of such a tight-knit cast and popular show.

Despite the loss of beloved Agent Bishop, fans can look forward to CBS‘s new NCIS season 19 premiere this September. In addition to the original show premiere, the franchise is also premiering its NCIS: Hawai’i chapter. Producers shared that they believe this season to be one of the best yet. Check out the full article here.