‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham Shares Rare Glimpse of Her Baby Bump

by Leanne Stahulak

Mother-to-be and former “NCIS” star Emily Wickersham has revealed yet another adorable pic of her baby bump via Instagram.

The actress took to her Instagram Stories yesterday to share two pics with fans. In the first pic, we see Wickersham rocking a gorgeous shin-length black dress, one that hugs her figure and baby bump. With Wickersham turned in a side profile, we see the full curve of her belly, which looks to be about five to six months along.

The “NCIS” star also poses in front of a painting of a woman with her eyes closed, and Wickersham adopts a similar look on her face that matches the painting.

In the second pic, Wickersham turns slightly more away from us to show off her chunky black boots. The camera zooms in on the lower half of her body, focusing on the boots but also that baby bum curve.

Wickersham tags sustainable fashion brand Alohas in both pics. The dress and boots must be from them, with Wickersham either modeling for the brand or just showing off some great new purchases. The dress and boots fit the “NCIS” star spectacularly, even with a baby on the way.

So far, Wickersham’s only shared one other baby bump photo with us. When she announced her pregnancy last month, the actress posted an incredible poolside pic featuring her rounded belly. She also wore a stunning black bikini and an adorable sun hat that dipped down as she looked at her growing baby boy.

“My mom taking a photo of a future mom with a baby boy on the way!” the “NCIS” star captioned the post.

She also tagged long-term boyfriend James Badge Dale in the post, right on her baby bump.

Fans Sad to See Emily Wickersham Leave the ‘NCIS’ Franchise

Wickersham starred as Agent Ellie Bishop on “NCIS” for eight years, from 2013 to 2021. She bid the show farewell this past spring, much to fans’ disappointment. At the time, Wickersham didn’t give a concrete reason for her departure. But now, fans speculate whether it’s because she knew she was pregnant towards the end of Season 18.

Even though her fellow “NCIS: Los Angeles” co-star Daniela Ruah was pregnant twice on the show, Wickersham could’ve decided to just focus on raising her family. She even sold her $3.85 million L.A. home recently, though we’re not sure where she’s moved in. Wickersham and boyfriend Dale could be downsizing to a cozier, less extravagant home. Or they could’ve decided that they needed even more room than the four-bedroom, four-bathroom space allowed.

Either way, Wickersham’s clearly taken a break from acting, focusing on enjoying the beach and summer weather. For fans wanting to catch the latest season of “NCIS” (sans Wickersham), they can tune in on Monday, Sept. 20 at 9/8 CT.