‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly and Co-Star Once Played a Hilarious Birthday Prank on Mark Harmon

by Jacklyn Krol

Former NCIS star Michael Weatherly once played a prank on Mark Harmon for his birthday.

In an interview with the Herald Extra, Lauren Holly recounted a particular festive birthday for Harmon. Holly portrayed former NCIS director Jenny Shepard on the show. It all began once she and Weatherly ordered 150 shirts that read,” It’s Mark Harmon’s Birthday!’ They then passed it out to the entire cast and crew.

Weatherly was in charge of putting crepe paper, helium balloons, and pinatas in Harmon’s trailer. He also put so much confetti that it was “three inches deep everywhere.”

Thanks to the help of the art department, they decorated all of the walls, trucks, and trailers with decorations. They also adorned each plasma screen with a photo of Harmon. Unfortunately, Holly had to go home to Chicago and waited for a phone call to hear about his response.

“He arrived to work with everybody dressed in the t-shirts, holding signs,” she recalled. “From a distance, he told me he thought something had happened and there was a strike, because he saw these people parading around with signs.”

The executive producers asked Michael who did this. He didn’t play it cool and threw her under the bus.

“Michael was like, ‘I’m not going to name any names … Lauren Holly,'” she said.

“But in true Mark fashion, I thought he was going to freak out at first and then ultimately love it,” she admitted. “But instead, he just loved it right off the bat. He was so happy and so touched. They had filmed the whole thing, his arrival, so he took the DVD home to show Pam [Dawber, Harmon’s wife]. She had a great laugh.”

Holly added that Harmon would probably have confetti in his trailer for three seasons to come.

‘NCIS’ Practical Jokes

Somewhat surprisingly, Mark Harmon is quite the prankster. He pulled an epic and gruesome prank on Cote de Pablo involving a noose and a dead animal. During an appearance on The Talk, de Pablo spoke about the memento.

“This is one of my favorite things,” she said giddily. “Harmon did sort of a joke. So, I came in one day, and this is a lizard that I guess he found outside. And it’s a dead lizard and he put a noose around its neck. And then he hung a little note, and it actually says, ‘I couldn’t take it anymore.’ So, he hung this in my trailer, and when I came in, I went ‘Aah!’ But I actually love it now. It’s like my little reminder that someone out there loves me.”

David McCallum revealed in a Reddit AMA if Harmon ever pulled any of his infamous jokes on him.

A fan questioned, “Has Mark Harmon ever played a practical joke on you?. Since I have heard he is a major jokster.”

Mark Harmon knows I am not the type to be toyed with,” McCallum responded.