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‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Drops Intense Snap in Honor of His ‘53rd Birthday Feeling’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Whether he looks it or not, NCIS former star Michael Weatherly turned 53-years-old yesterday. And the celebrity is a bit unsure of how he feels about it. In commemoration of his birthday, he posted a photo to Twitter with the caption, “53rd birthday feeling…”. The photo was a close-up shot of Sean Connery portraying James Bond with a deadpan expression. But we’re not sure what Weatherly worried about. As one of NCIS’s all-time favorite characters and “one of the hottest men on television,” another year older is another year adored.

‘NCIS’ Star Named One of Sexiest Men on TV

On NCIS, Michael Weatherly’s character, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, was a total heartthrob. A dedicated agent with a sarcastic sense of humor, DiNozzo won the hearts of fans over his thirteen seasons on the crime drama series. From well-dressed in a neat suit to casual clothes, Weatherly always pulled off every look on the show. And even off-air, Weatherly’s impressive sense of fashion adds to his attraction.

In 2006, TV Guide named the NCIS star as one of “TV’s hottest men.” Along with Weatherly, names like Jensen Ackles, David Conrad and Scott Foley also made the list of honorable mentions.

CBS Watch! agreed with TV Guide’s ranking, calling the NCIS star, “Picture perfect Weatherly.” They showcased a photoshoot of the star in France, dressed to the nines and looking as suave as ever.

And they’re right—from all of the photos that featured Weatherly over the years, there’s just not a bad one in the whole bunch.

Weatherly Gets His Dashing Personality From Another Crime-Fighting Character

If you can picture the NCIS star asking for a martini, “shaken, not stirred,” that’s exactly what Michael Weatherly would hope for. Ever since he was young, Weatherly has been a huge James Bond fan. In fact, by the age of 11, Weatherly became a member of the official Bond fan club in 1979. Despite the lack of a British accent, Weatherly’s NCIS character and 007 have a lot in common. Like the secret agent, Special Agent Dinozzo had no issue going undercover and could assume any role flawlessly. He also had a way with women, as we know with his beau, Ziva David.

This is exactly why so many fans wanted Weatherly to become the next generation of James Bond when the position opened. Some even went so far as to create a Facebook page named, “We Want Michael Weatherly for James Bond.”

Although the opportunity never presented itself, fans still hope there’s a chance in the future. And with the rugged and witty actor now free from NCIS, we can imagine Weatherly would be ecstatic to portray his favorite action hero next.