‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Faced Difficult Decision Choosing His Next Project When He Left the Show

by Samantha Whidden

He played one of the most iconic characters on NCIS, Special Agent Antony DiNozzo Jr, but Michael Weatherly admits that he faced a really difficult decision when he began researching his next project Bull after leaving the hit CBS series.

During his 2016 interview with Fox 411, Michael Weatherly states he had a feeling or an “epiphany” moment of he had to leave NCIS. “One [feeling] came down, I wasn’t confused about it,” Weatherly states.

The former NCIS star does admit that signing onto the series Bull was more complicated due to the show potentially interfering with his personal life. The show is notably filmed in New York City while his family lives in Los Angeles. Despite the dilemma, Weatherly decides to take on the role. “It’s life. It’s all about taking some risks and rolling the dice and seeing what happens,” he explains.

Michael then says that technology is making separate a bit easier for him and his family. “I get to FaceTime with [my family] three times a day,” the NCIS alum explains. “My daughter went into my closet the other day and was smelling my clothes because he missed me so much.”

Bull is described as a legal drama TV drama starring Weatherly, Freddy Rodriguez, Geneva Carr, Christopher Jackson, and Jamie Lee Kirchner. The show premiered in September 2016 and was recently renewed for its sixth season. 

Michael Weatherly Discusses His Relationship With‘NCIS’ Co-Star Mark Harmon 

In a February 2007 interview with The Futon Critic, Michael Weatherly shared more details about his relationship with NCIS castmate Mark Harmon. 

“Mark Harmon and I were on different poles,” the former NCIS actor explained. He claimed himself to be Antarctica while Harmon was the North Pole. “And we were just looking down there going, ‘What is up with polarity? What’s going on? The water goes down the drain the other way for me.’ And he was confused by my presence right from the get-go.”

Weatherly then discusses the plans for his NCIS character. “I had this concept that DiNozzo would be a ‘master of disguise.” He explains that at the beginning of the show he would try to do a different hairstyle in every single scene. Michael notes that the changes drove everyone on set nuts. He eventually was told by production to “pick a hairdo and stick with it.” 

Michael goes on to share his predictions of how long NCIS will remain on TV. “You wonder how long like this stays on the air, it’ll be interesting to see,” Weatherly says. “Because like I said, I don’t think we’re done. I think there’s certain ways that this show is going to get more interesting.”

NCIS is set to return for its 19th season this upcoming fall.