‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Hilariously Analyzes Old Episode as He Kills Time at Hotel

by Shelby Scott

It’s been more than a few seasons since Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo appeared on “NCIS,” and fans miss him dearly. That said, his actor, Michael Weatherly, seems to miss playing the special agent just as much, as he frequently shares old photos and clips from “NCIS” on social media. Now, in his latest Tweet, the beloved actor can be found analyzing an “NCIS” rerun, featuring none other than himself, as he kills time at a hotel. Check it out.

Weatherly kicks off the Tweet with, “So I’m waiting to go to a concert, sittin’ in a hotel where, um, that…that was on,” referring to an old “NCIS” rerun.

Longtime fans will recall the season eight episode, “Baltimore,” where Gibbs, DiNozzo, and the team begin their hunt for the port-to-port killer. In it, DiNozzo recognizes the victim, his old partner from the Baltimore P.D., who happens to be dressed in the trappings of a Navy admiral.

Back to Weatherly’s Tweet, he happens to tune in at the part where DiNozzo meets Gibbs for the first time, who is dressed in ratty street clothes.

His narration of the rerun gets more humorous as he realizes, “This is the scene where I chase Gibbs…Oh boy…OH BOY.”

For a moment, the beloved actor pans back and forth between himself and the TV screen. And in the background, we hear from the TV, “You can’t outrun me, I’m wearing tube socks!”

If you know, you know.

For “NCIS” fans, any Michael Weatherly tweet that features the actor quoting or mocking himself is a winner. And this just happens to be one of the best in a while.

‘NCIS’ Fans Require More Michael Weatherly Commentary

While Michael Weatherly’s narration of the early “NCIS” episode helps in breaking up the monotony of the everyday newsfeed, fans took to the comments with some pressing questions. Meanwhile, others shared thoughts regarding future Michael Weatherly/”NCIS” commentaries.

“Let’s talk about those sideburns,” stated one of the “NCIS” alum’s followers.

Humorously, we learn, from the Agent DiNozzo star himself, “They were glued on.”

Apparently, some fans weren’t impressed with Baltimore P.D. Officer DiNozzo’s style, because the same fan wrote back, “Thank you for your knowledge. Next question: what’s up with that hair?”

Everyone’s a critic, am I right?

Other fans not only adored DiNozzo’s pre-“NCIS” style, but they also requested future Michael Weatherly narrations of past episodes.

“We need more [NCIS] videos with your commentary,” suggested another fan. And personally, I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

Other fans shared their love for “NCIS” and Tony DiNozzo in the following comments, one even posting an iconic DiNozzo head slap.

While unfortunately, Michael Weatherly likely won’t appear on upcoming episodes of “NCIS,” fans can tune into new episodes every Monday night at 9 p.m. over on CBS.