‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Called Pauley Perrette ‘the Most Important Person on the Show’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Barry King/FilmMagic)

He spent 13 seasons starring alongside Pauley Perrette on NCIS, so it’s not surprising that Michael Weatherly has shared his thoughts about his bubbly personality co-star. 

During a 2015 interview with AssignmentX, Weatherly stated that he considered Perrette as the most important person on NCIS. “How awesome is the energy of Pauley Perrette and her steadfast, almost impossible [drive to help people and animals].”

Weatherly also described his former NCIS co-star as being like Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger. “She’s just kind of moving through space and time that the rest of us [do not]. I’m amazing at her energy,” the actor declared. He then said there’s not calculated bulls— when it comes to Perrette. “I would say it’s the most engaged a person on our show, without question. I think Pauley is an extraordinary lady.”

While continuing to share his admiration for Perrette, Weatherly goes on to add that he thinks Perrette really “rises head and shoulders” above everyone in the amount of work that she does. “Whether it’s animal rights or women’s rights or whatever. She’s a real signal to everybody.”

When asked about causes he’s involved in, Weatherly said that while he and Perrette do share an enthusiasm for their causes, he doesn’t do it the way Perrette does. “And I really admire the way he does it. She really puts her heart o the line and her face on the line.”

Weatherly then stated that one of the things that makes NCIS a “constant” reward is the fact that he and the other castmates get to do the show every week and enjoy the “hidden” benefits of the series. “I think people are drawn together because of the show. I think the franchise in general coalesces, it brings everyone together and I think it really makes people aware.”

Michael Weatherly Talks Working Alongside Mimi Rogers on ‘NCIS’

Also during his interview with AssignmentX, Michael Weatherly opens up about working alongside Mimi Rogers on NCIS. “Well, I have to say, I love Mimi Rogers,” Weatherly declared. Rogers notably played CIA officer, Joanna Teague. “And I think the hiring of Mimi Rogers was just terrific.”

Weatherly then stated that Rogers is really a “spark plug” and she fit in the NCIS very well. “So my favorite thing of the year is really the advancement of [her character]. We had to lose my favorite, Matt Jones [who played Ned Dorneget], to get Mimi. And that was not a fair trade.”

Weatherly also reflected on working with Emily Wickersham. “I think everyone needs to [pay] a little closer attention to Wickersham’s character] Bishop. I love Emily and I love what [showrunner and executive producer] Gary [Glasberg] has in mind for Emily.”