‘NCIS’ Alum Pauley Perrette Revealed How the Character of Abby Came to Be

by Shelby Scott

For life-long fans of “NCIS,” many of us still mourn the loss of the show’s iconic forensic scientist Abby Sciuto. Now, the fate of “NCIS” as a whole remains uncertain. However, we can be sure that the character’s actress, Pauley Perrette will not return to the show, should it continue past its 19th season.

Nonetheless, many of us still mourn her absence, as well as the absence of other fan-favorites. Although, we do have some interesting information on how the Abby character debuted on “NCIS.”

And the reasoning for Perrette’s character’s appearance and interests remains truthfully enlightened, especially at the time of the show’s creation.

During an earlier interview with popentertainment.com, the actress revealed she herself have previously wondered about Abby Sciuto’s origins as well. She told the outlet, she had actually asked her boss, Don Bellisario, where Abby came from. “He had a really interesting answer to that,” she began. “He always likes to put characters out that are portrayed differently from [the normal on] television.”

She chose the example of “Magnum PI” and how Bellisario portrayed a Vietnam vet in a more positive light. At the time, society portrayed those individuals much more negatively. As for Perrette’s role on “NCIS,” she said, “He thought alternative lifestyle people…were always portrayed on TV as junkies or thieves.”

She said Bellisario instead chose to create an alternatively dressed character for “NCIS,” “who was not at all a junkie or a thief, but is overly capable. Overly smart. Overly good at her job.”

And from there, we got Abby.

‘NCIS’ Fans Mourn Latest Character Departure

Abby Sciuto actress Pauley Perrette left the set of “NCIS” several seasons ago. Nevertheless, we miss her bubbly appearances during the show. However, following the latest “NCIS” character departure, Emily Wickersham’s Agent Ellie Bishop, fans went into a whole new spiral of grief.

Additionally, Wickersham’s exit came right before all the drama and anticipation of season 19 of “NCIS.”

Perhaps it’s one of the reasons she left. Although, that seems unlikely as she has previously stated she left on very good terms. Regardless, with the addition of two brand new characters this latest season, fans have shared their disappointment at Wickersham’s departure across Reddit.

As always, “NCIS” fans on the social platform began conjuring potential reasonings surrounding Wickersham’s exit. They further debated whether showrunners planned her departure or not. One user wrote, “it could be argued that Emily’s exit was planned, but it FEELS like it wasn’t. Like, if it was planned, the execution of her departure was very poor.”

The same user, as well as others, pointed to the abruptness of her leave. They also highlighted the various loose ends that remain unconcluded. The biggest, of course, is still her early romance with fellow Agent Nick Torres.

Nevertheless, with so much left uncertain surrounding “NCIS,” we can’t be sure what becomes of her character after her departure, not to mention the rest of the team. I suppose only Season 19 will continue to provide us answers.