‘NCIS’ Alum Pauley Perrette Spoils Lost ‘Sweet Girl Pup’ While She Looks for Dog’s Owner

by Leanne Stahulak

It’s no secret that “NCIS” alum Pauley Perrette absolutely loves animals. But she loves dogs especially, having three of her own (all of them rescued). She’s also worked at various animal rescue organizations over the years and sponsored several animal charity events.

So it should come as no surprise that when Perrette sees an animal in need, she’s going to help it.

Last night, the “NCIS” alum put the call out to all of her Twitter followers in the L.A. area, asking for their help to locate the owner of a missing dog.

“#LOSTDOG EVERYONE LOCAL LA! My friend found this Precious angel! She’s VERY SWEET! By La Cienega and the 101. Def somebody’s baby. No tags! PLEASE retweet if you’re in LA! Please! We have her. PLEASE RT to California!” Perrette wrote on Twitter. She also posted an adorable video of the cute pup running around and wagging her tail as the actress scratched behind her ears.

Not long after posting the first message, the “NCIS” star followed up with another one. “Correction: LA CIENEGA and the 405 inglewood-ish? She’s PRECIOUS! No chip no tags,” Perrette wrote. In this post, she held the puppy up close to her face for a sweet snapshot.

Several hours later, Perrette posted another update, along with more absolutely adorable pics of the lost dog. This time, she said that some people had reached out, but none of them were the true owners. She also “spoiled” the pup with treats and vet visits.

“Got Sweet girl pup groomed, vaxed, flea protected and Vet checked. She had no chip. Some tried to claim her but it wasn’t her. She’s precious! And my pal is a HERO! Bought her cute harness/leash/bed/blankies/carrier She’s being SPOILED ROTTEN!!!” the “NCIS” star said.

‘NCIS’ Alum Pauley Perrette Rescued Three Pups Of Her Own

From the looks of things, Perrette and the “sweet girl pup” are getting pretty close. It wouldn’t be surprising for Perrette to adopt the lost dog as her own if the owner isn’t found soon.

Like we said, Perrette already owns a trio of rescued pups. The ‘NCIS” alum rescued Bug and Grace right after they were born, and she saved baby Rosie when she was four months old and only 1.7 pounds. Rosie and the “sweet pup girl” actually strongly resemble each other, but we’re not sure which breed they’d be classified as.

Back in May, on National Rescue Dog Day, Perrette posted a loving tribute to her dogs on Twitter. She stressed the importance of rescuing vs. breeding and buying dogs.

“I KNOW! I’m late, but still YAAAY for #NationalRescueDogDay My Angels… and Rosie!!! #AdoptDontShop #RescueDogDay #RescuedIsMyFavoriteBreed #RESCUE,” Perrette tweeted.

Who knows! Maybe Perrette will soo have a fourth rescue dog to celebrate next May.