‘NCIS’: ‘Babysitting’ Doesn’t Go Well for Torres in Preview of Episode 14

by Megan Molseed

NCIS Special Agent Nick Torres is having some adventures in babysitting these days. Or, he certainly seems to be the team’s resident caretaker. In an upcoming episode of the hit CBS series, Wilmer Valderrama’s Nick Torres will be stepping in to watch over the daughter of NCIS director Leon Vane (Rocky Carroll). See a clip of a teaser for the episode below.

Torres’s most recent babysitting assignment, NCIS fans know, comes right on the heels of the agent’s turn watching over the daughter of NCIS team member Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) as Palmer faced some life-threatening concerns. These come as he and the team investigate a case in the Monday, February 28 NCIS episode titled The Helpers.

This Is No Ordinary Babysitting Gig For the ‘NCIS’ Team Member

Torres’s turn at “babysitting” in next week’s episode titled First Steps is really all in the eye of the beholder. This, of course, is because the NCIS agent is tasked with keeping an eye on the NCIS director’s daughter Kayla (Naomi Grace) as she sets out to tackle her first assignment with the NCIS team.

This assignment comes right after Nick Torres steps in to keep Elle Graper’s Victoria Palmer distracted in Monday’s episode. In the episode, Dr. Palmer and NCIS forensic scientist Kasie Hines (Diona Reasonover) are exposed to a dangerous biotoxin. This is when Torres steps in to keep Victoria busy while the tense events unfold.

Torres Takes His Assignment Seriously

In the First Steps trailer, it becomes clear that Valderrama’s Nick Torres sees his assignment as “babysitting.”

However, things couldn’t get too difficult for this first assignment, right? After all, even Katrina Law’s Jessica Knight assures Kayla that she shouldn’t expect “anything too exciting on your first assignment.”

And, Sean Murray’s NCIS character, Timothy McGee continues noting that Kayla’s first assignment will likely be “basic, simple.”

However, as the sneak peek continues, it seems this ends up being far from the truth. The NCIS team is called to investigate the murder of a reservist Navy Seal surgeon. Nonetheless, Nick Torres remains dedicated to completing his assignment. Even as danger continues to lurk around every corner during the tense investigation.

Nick Torres even declares to the new NCIS agent that he will make sure she doesn’t get “as much as a paper cut” during his watch. However, despite Torres’s insistence that he will protect his charge, Kayla has made it quite clear that she is not opposed to getting into necessary trouble during the investigation. But, these events aren’t super surprising for NCIS fans. Especially since the trailer teases that Kayla will be joining the team to “help with a highly dangerous mission.”