‘NCIS’: Biggest Spoilers Ahead of Next Week’s ‘Docked’ Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

Next Monday marks a new “NCIS” episode, and we’ve got the scoop on the biggest spoilers of the episode.

Warning: don’t read if you want to be surprised on Monday night.

Firstly, We know McGee’s mother-in-law is the central focus of the Nov. 8th episode. Judy, played by “Home Improvement” actress Patricia Richardson, finds a dead body in the sauna of the cruise ship she’s on. Apparently, the two were intimate, and McGee has to deal with that as he interrogates his mother-in-law. Which I’m sure he’s thrilled about. Hopefully that won’t reflect badly on McGee at Thanksgiving dinners in the future.

During the investigation, Judy embarrasses the entire team by getting into it about her sex life with the dead man. At one point she says, “Would it help the investigation if I went into more detail?” to which Torres goes, “Yep, I’m out,” and leaves the interrogation viewing room. Jessica Knight tries to hold back her laughter as he leaves.

Additionally, I get the distinct feeling that Judy is going to try and flirt with Alden Parker. He’s a handsome man around her age, she’s apparently single, why not? This new episode proves to be a lighthearted romp through an older woman’s love life, embarrassing her son-in-law, and finding a cruise ship killer. It should provide some much-needed comedy to cheer up those gloomy “NCIS” fans.

‘NCIS’: Fans Worried Wilmer Valderrama May Leave Next

Recently, Wilmer Valderrama’s character Nick Torres has been pretty resistant to everything that’s been going on at the NCIS. Firstly, he’s openly distrustful of Alden Parker; secondly, he seems to be in mourning for Gibbs, even though he’s not dead, just in Alaska; thirdly, he pestered McGee about not taking the leadership role, and bugged him about what Gibbs said to him.

He also lost Ellie Bishop in season 18, after she kissed him. Torres has gone through quite a bit lately. It’s only a matter of time before he disagrees with something Parker does so monumentally that he decides the NCIS is no longer his place.

In reality, Valderrama is working on a new project, and fans are worried he won’t be able to split his time between “Mexican Beverly Hills” and “NCIS.” The new show, a single-camera family comedy, follows a Mexican-American family as they move to Downey, California. There, they fit in but also stick out in ways they’ve never experienced before. The show is produced under Valderrama’s WV Entertainment. The show is based on an essay of the same name by Erick Galindo.

It’s unclear if Valderrama will have an acting part in the show or just executive producer credit. But fans are hoping he sticks around on “NCIS” for much, much longer.