‘NCIS’: A Bloodied Wilmer Valderrama Send Touching Message to Fans: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

We are so close to a brand new episode of NCIS and things look intense. Wilmer Valderrama shared a video message for fans reminding them.

It has been a bit since fans caught a new episode. There have been so many teasers and Valderrama’s character, Torres, could be in a bit of trouble. However, the actor himself looks to be in good spirits, albeit tired spirits.

Check out this great Instagram video below featuring Valderrama and Sean Murray.

“Well, I’m here with Sean [Murray],” the NCIS star begins. “Some things are evolving here on NCIS… Either way, we’re here to remind you there’s a new episode tonight. But I also want to say thank you so much, and I know Sean feels the same way. You want to thank them for making us the #1 show, all the time now?”

Then, Murray chimed in with a message of his own.

“The fact that you do what you do for us, we love you we appreciate all you do for us. We wouldn’t be able to do this if you guys were not with us. Thank you! I know Wilmer got a little bit of extra sun today, so he’s looking a little hot. But you know, we do what we gotta do.”

“Yes, absolutely we do what we gotta do,” Valderrama finished up. “We love you so much, we are so grateful to you showing up every Monday night at 9 o’clock on that channel…CBS. All my love!” Murray also signed off with a thank you.

There have been other messages from the stars of NCIS ahead of tonight’s new episode.

‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Gives BTS Teaser

Ahead of Episode 9 of this season of NCIS, another star took to social media to share a teaser for fans. These looks at the filming and what goes into the scenes you see on TV are really great. Fans love to see them and make predictions about the show ahead of new episodes.

In the photo that Dietzen shared, it showed Gary Cole as Alden Parker and other team members as they happen upon a dead body. It appears the body is on Navy property, hence why the NCIS team is involved.

We’re going to see the team find the body at a Naval yard tonight. Then, the look for the killer is on. They end up interviewing a hologram of the victim, something she made before she was killed. Will it help the NCIS crew solve the murder? Is it going to be believable enough? Viewers will be excited to tune in and see. A new episode debuts tonight at 9 PM only on CBS.