‘NCIS’ Blows Away Competition in TV Ratings with Latest Episode

by Evan Reier

There is just nothing that’s going to touch the throne of NCIS right now. The long-running police and forensics series is crushing it.

There are plenty of shows out there about various police forces and angles into the legal system. But despite plenty of competitors rising every year, NCIS remains a juggernaut in the world of television.

It didn’t necessarily happen right away when the show first premiered as Naval CIS back in 2003, but since the turn of the 2010s, it hasn’t slowed down. Per the Hollywood Reporter, the show is as big as ever.

NCIS was the Tuesday slate’s most-watched show with 8.94 million viewers. Jeez. On top of that, the next closest program was FBI, which clocked in with over less than a million of that amount. The CBS-created show registered 7.69 million viewers.

The goliath showing from NCIS comes at no surprise. Despite some decreases in viewership in Seasons 16 and 17, the show has returned to the 10.3 rating it achieved with Season 15. With the upcoming Season 18 finale scheduled for just under two weeks from now on May 25, one can only expect the ratings to continue upward.

New NCIS Episode Teases Fans

One major talking point amongst the NCIS community is the dynamic between Ellie Bishop and Nick Torres. The two characters have been part of the program since Season 11 and Season 14 respectively, and their potential relationship has been percolating for some time.

Coming up to the most recent episode, the show teased a major moment in the pair’s relationship. After many episodes and a few seasons of “will they, won’t they,” it seemed like fans were getting an answer.

That was absolutely not the case, despite Jimmy insisting they address their feelings. Instead, in one of the most titillating cutaways of recent memory, the pair broach the subject of their time only to be cut short.

Ellie and Nick get into an elevator, begin talking about those moments in the jail cell, and then the doors close. And that’s it. To say the least, NCIS fans were annoyed, as Outsider talent Matthew Wilson pointed out.

But it doesn’t seem like the wait for an answer will be long. As mentioned, the season finale is coming up and a moment like that has to be paid off soon. Right?