‘NCIS’: Brian Dietzen Wishes ‘Young Whippersnapper’ Costar Sean Murray a Happy Birthday

by Quentin Blount

Not only is it the holiday season, but it’s also the birthday season on the set of NCIS. Yesterday we celebrated Brian Dietzen’s birthday. And today we are celebrating the birthday of his co-star, Sean Murray.

It goes without saying that actors Brian Dietzen and Sean Murray are two of the biggest stars on NCIS. Dietzen plays the role of Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the hit show and he has been doing so since 2004. He started as the assistant medical examiner under Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard. However, in Season 15, Ducky announces his retirement, and Dr. Palmer was permanently promoted to the role.

As for Sean Murray, he, of course, plays the role of Special Agent Timothy McGee. Murray has been part of the military crime drama for an incredible 18 seasons now. Over the years, both Murray and Dietzen have become huge parts of NCIS and because of that, huge parts of our lives as well.

So, when one of these guys has a birthday, you know we have to give them a shoutout. And it just so happens that not only did both men recently celebrate birthdays, they did so just one day apart. Can you guess which one between Dietzen and Murray is older?

“Happy birthday to my man @SeanHMurray!” Dietzen posted on Twitter. “Love that young whippersnapper. Yes, I am exactly one day older than him.”

‘NCIS’ Fans Didn’t Know That Dietzen is Older Than Murray

Like we discussed up above, Brian Dietzen and Sean Murray are without a doubt two of the most popular NCIS characters. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that fans of the show know every little detail about them. As a matter of fact, plenty of fans were surprised on social media after finding out that Dietzen and Murray were born just one day apart and that Dietzen is the older one.

“I had no idea! I thought Sean was the older one,” one fan admitted. “Not by much, but…”

“If I had a twin that was like five minutes younger than me I would always say, ‘when I was your age’ and proceed to tell them what I did five minutes ago,” another person joked.

“I have fun telling my husband’s friends, who I am older than, to ‘respect your elders!'” a third fan commented.

Now we have an itch to go watch some NCIS. Thankfully, Season 19 of the show officially returned on CBS back in September. There are currently eight episodes available for you to watch online.

In the meantime, if you are looking for more NCIS content then don’t worry — you are in the right place. We cover the entire cast and crew of the show right here on Outsider.