‘NCIS’: Brian Dietzen Praises Torres’ Heroic Actions in Upcoming Episode 13

by Lauren Boisvert

The “NCIS” episode that Brian Dietzen co-wrote airs tonight, February 28, and Dietzen spoke about the episode with TV Insider recently. The episode follows Palmer and Kasie as they’re exposed to a deadly biotoxin in the lab. Things definitely don’t look good for them, and the NCIS calls in CDC researcher Carol Wilson, played by fan favorite Meredith Eaton, to solve the case.

But, it turns out, Palmer was bringing his daughter Victoria to visit the NCIS, and now her dad is infected with a biotoxin. Talk about a bad day. But, luckily she has Torres there to support her in her time of need. Judging by the sneak peeks of the episode, the two are great friends. Torres calls her “Crown Vic” and Victoria calls him “Uncle Nick.” So cute.

Dietzen mentioned Torres’ heroics to TV Insider, stating, “The guy who goes out and kicks ass in the field decides his most important job is to be her North Star.” Torres doesn’t seem like he’d be good with kids, but he’s great with Victoria; they even have a secret handshake. The one who’s kind of awkward is actually Jessica Knight, even though she has a niece. Maybe she’s just uncomfortable with kids who aren’t related to her?

Either way, Torres really steps up and takes care of Victoria. I can imagine him reassuring her without being condescending. She’s smart, she knows things are looking bad, and she doesn’t need to be placated. But she probably does want someone to be there with her, and Torres takes up that mantle. The two are a great duo, Torres and Victoria, and it will be fun to maybe find out how Torres got so good with kids. Did he have a lot of siblings? Does he have nieces or nephews? Is he just naturally good at taking care of kids? Who knows, but hopefully, we’ll find out.

‘NCIS’: Palmer and Kasie Are ‘On Death’s Door’ in Newest Episode

I know I already said it, but things are not looking good for Kasie and Palmer at all. Brian Dietzen really did a number on his character; apparently, the two “look like they could be at death’s door.” According to Dietzen, “People will question, ‘Are these two gonna make it out of this alive?’” 

It’s going to get worse before it gets better for Palmer and Kasie, clearly. Dietzen shared with TV Insider that the two show “extreme adrenaline and talk to each other in ways they never have. They’re not in their right minds. You see these two physically deteriorate over the course of this hour. It’s close to real-time.”

That use of real-time is going to be interesting; it’s a race against the clock, and Palmer and Kasie clearly don’t have much time. Hopefully, Carol Wilson can save the day. If anyone can find an antidote for a deadly biotoxin, it’s Carol Wilson.