‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Reunites With an Old Friend on Set

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS stars, including Brian Dietzen, were so excited to welcome an old friend back to the show.

Meredith Eaton, aka Carol Wilson, will be back for a future NCIS episode. Wilmer Valderrama posted a short video clip with Eaton. Plus Dietzen, who worked with Eaton on three NCIS episodes from 2009-13, welcomed Carol with a longer post and photo on Instagram.

Dietzen captioned the photo of the two: “Sometimes you get to write something for tv. And sometimes that means you get to hang out with friends you haven’t seen in far too long. So happy you’re here Meredith Eaton!”

Dietzen Announced Last Week He’d Written First NCIS Script

Dietzen, who plays medical examiner Jimmy Palmer on the show, announced last week that he’d written his first script for NCIS. And the cast was filming it this week. Without jumping to conclusions, maybe Dietzen wrote a part for Eaton. In an earlier post, Dietzen said:

“In a word… grateful. You guys, I got to write a script of NCIS with my pal Scott Williams. And it’s been a great adventure so far. We jump into filming this bad boy after the Thanksgiving weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s my first time writing for the show, and it’s been a great experience.

“I’ll keep you guys updated along the way. So pumped to share this with you all. Giving many thanks this week!”

Then Dietzen’s very next post was about Eaton. If you’re a fan of NCIS, you know that Carol Wilson was a college friend of Abby’s. She’s also a researcher at the Center for Disease Control. Her last NCIS appearance was in 2013, when she appeared in the episode, Homesick. It was an NCIS Christmas episode as Carol was called in to help with a mysterious illness contracted by children of service members.

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Carol’s first NCIS episode was in 2009 and it also had a holiday flavor to it. And in her 2011 episode called Devil’s Triangle, she had this memorable exchange with Tobias, the FBI agent and Gibbs’ good friend:

Carol: “But times have changed. It’s now possible to build a synthetic virus from scratch using a numerical recipe just like this, and gene sequences you can get online.

Tobias: “I keep saying it: things were better before the Internet.”

Eaton’s Carol also made an appearance on NCIS: New Orleans in 2014.

CBS hasn’t released any information on this NCIS episode, as yet. The next new one is Monday, Dec. 6. It’s called Collective Memory. The synopsis: “When a hotshot financial advisor is found shot at a naval station, NCIS investigates the case by interviewing the victim’s three-dimensional hologram of herself, which she created before her death.”

Stepfanie Kramer, who played Dee Dee McCall on the 1980s-era drama Hunter, guest stars in his episode.