‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Wanted To Put the ‘Entire Team in the Crosshairs’ During Episode He Wrote

by Megan Molseed

Some of our favorite NCIS characters will be facing some deadly situations in tonight’s episode titled The Helpers.

In tonight’s episode which is written by NCIS Jimmy Palmer actor Brian Dietzen, the NCIS team finds themselves in dangerous crosshairs. And, this is exactly how Dietzen wanted it to be.

During a discussion with ET about the upcoming February 28 NCIS episode, longtime series star Brian Dietzen discussed what it was like to step in and cowrite The Helpers. He created the script along with longtime NCIS writer and executive producer Scott Williams. While penning the brand-new installment of the series, Dietzen says he aimed to write something dangerous. Something, the actor says, that “was putting the entire team in the crosshairs, so to speak.”

And, this is definitely what is happening tonight as Dietzen’s character Jimmy Palmer and Diona Reasonover’s Kasie Hines find themselves in a precarious position while working to solve the death of an intruder at Quantico. The forensic scientists are racing against the clock after they discover they have been exposed to a potentially fatal toxin down in Kasie’s lab.

Tonight’s NCIS episode also brings us a little more information on Dietzen’s Jimmy Palmer character. This development comes when audiences meet Palmer’s daughter for the first time.

“It’s a huge day for our guy, Jimmy Palmer,” Brian Dietzen explains of tonight’s NCIS episode.

“And it’s also a huge day for the relationship of Jimmy and Kasie,” the actor adds. “And it’s a huge day for the NCIS team to save their family.”

Dietzen Recalls the Experience Writing An Upcoming ‘NCIS’ Episode

While Brian Dietzen was excited to take on this new role on the popular CBS television drama series, he does say it was a little bit of an unusual experience when all was said and done. Dietzen remembers doing a table reading with his costars as they read the words he created on The Helpers script. It was certainly a role Dietzen wasn’t used to holding during the regular rehearsals with his NCIS costars.

“This is something different because I have never had my co-stars — I never had Wilmer Valderrama or Sean Murray say the words that I wrote before,” the NCIS star explains.

“So I am sitting there going, ‘This is a different kind of pressure, I hope he likes this,'” Dietzen explains.

“I am across the seat looking at him going, ‘Did you…?” the actor quips. “Oh, he liked that one! OK cool!'”

Dietzen Knew His Costars Wouldn’t Shy Away From Adding Their Own Input To the Script

The experience may have been a little tense as Dietzen watched his cos-stars read his words. However, Dietzen notes, the NCIS cast is all close enough that he knows his costars would be honest with him about the script. Even if it means sharing input about changes they may suggest.

“The cool part about being on a show like this that is so long-term is that it is very familial,” Dietzen explains.

“So my co-stars would literally come up to me and say, ‘Hey, I think that this feels better this way,'” the NCIS actor continues. “Give me their input. ‘And absolutely let’s do it that way,’ and vice versa.”