‘NCIS’: A Look at the Bromance Between Mark Harmon and Wilmer Valderrama

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic)

We all love the will-they-won’t they relationships on “NCIS.”

First, there was Tony and Kate. Then there was the fan-favorite romance between Tony and Ziva. Around the same time, Abby and McGee were toying with the idea of becoming a thing. Most recently there was Ellie and Nick. Some relationships worked out, others ended in heartbreak for both the characters and “NCIS” fans. But there’s a whole other type of relationship that fans love to see on the show. And that’s the bromances. Who doesn’t love watching the lead male characters bond in unconventional ways? We know we do. Today we’re taking a look at one of our favorite “NCIS” bromances – the one between Wilmer Valderrama and Mark Harmon.

Gibbs Is A Father Figure For Torres On ‘NCIS’

Let’s start with their onscreen characters. For “NCIS” Mark Harmon plays the beloved special agent Gibbs and Wilmer Valderamma plays special agent Nick Torres. The two have shared a few special moments which have led to a sort of father-son bond. During an interview from earlier this year, Valderamma talked about his character’s bond with Gibbs. Valderamma said that Gibbs has become a kind of “accidental father figure” for Torres.

“…Gibbs has become really an ‘accidental father figure’ to Torres. For a time, Torres had no real direction as he was just going from mission to mission. And Gibbs gives him a family, one like he never had,” said Valderrama. “To be honest, Gibbs in the past couple of years has been more of a father to Torres than anybody else.”

Last season solidified the bond during the episode titled “Sangre.” The episode introduced Torres’ real father Miguel. Fans got a look into Torres’ past and what shaped him into the man he is today. Additionally, the episode really showed just how close Torres and Gibb had become over their years of working together.

During the same interview, Valderrama talked about the significance of the episode for his character on “NCIS.”

“And you will see where that relationship goes from here; it’s a bit of a beacon of things to come,” said Valderrama. “We built it that way because Torres is learning to be not just a team member but also a leader. With the show evolving into its 19th season, it’s fun to peel those layers but also give those two characters more of that bond that the fans may want to see.”

Mark Harmon And Wilmer Valderrama’s Real-Life Bromance

Now that we’re all caught up on the actors’ onscreen relationship dynamic, let’s talk about their real-life bromance. For the past five years, Wilmer Valderrama has started alongside Mark Harmon on “NCIS.” So, some sort of connection is bound to form. During an interview in 2019, Valderrama talked about the nature of his “bromance” with Harmon.

“Mark Harmon and I are straight-up besties,” said Valderrama. “We have quite a bromance. The guy and I love each other so much.”