‘NCIS,’ ‘Chicago Med’ and ‘Criminal Minds’ All Make Top 10 in New Streaming Viewership Numbers

by Shelby Scott

Streaming services continue to replace cable in American homes. Because of this, outlets have begun ranking viewership for the most-streamed television shows and series. Most recently, Nielsen’s U.S. streaming rankings feature some of our favorite shows scoring slots on the chart’s Top-10 list. These include “NCIS,” “Chicago Med,” and “Criminal Minds,” among other popular streaming hits.

For those unfamiliar with the U.S. streaming rankings, Nielsen’s is charged with keeping track of viewership across several popular streaming services. Netflix ranks highest for now, taking all of the Top-10 rankings for the week of August 9th-16th. Other popular ranked streaming services include Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. Additionally, viewership for the streaming platforms is only measured via television screens. So those watching these same shows on mobile devices are not being reflected in the numbers.

For now, Netflix’s recent hit series, “Hit & Run,” scored the number 1 slot on the chart. The new show saw a jaw-dropping viewership total of 1.16 billion minutes of viewing. Of our three highlight shows, “Criminal Minds” ranked highest, tallying a collective 564 million minutes.

The well-known crime show was followed by long-running series, “NCIS,” another beloved crime show. “NCIS” boasted a collective 534 million minutes of viewership, spanning over 353 episodes.

And finally, the much newer “Chicago Med,” which only recently saw its premiere on Netflix, fell in last. However, the drama didn’t follow too far behind “NCIS,” scoring a total of 527 million minutes of viewership comparatively.

“NCIS” Season 19 Promises Dramatic Changes

“NCIS” continues to gain viewership across streaming platforms. Regardless, those “NCIS” fans who have been following Agent Gibbs since Day 1 express major concern prior to season 19.

When “NCIS” premiered in 2003, the team was, and still is, led by Special Agent in Charge, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. 19 seasons later, fans are worried as rumor has it the “NCIS” patriarch intends to leave “NCIS” very soon. Rumors previously stated the Gibbs actor, Mark Harmon, had wanted to leave the show following season 18. However, only threats of the show’s cancelation convinced him to take on a reduced role.

So, as season 19 premieres this month following the explosion of one of his boats, Gibbs’ fate remains in question. The season 18 finale saw the beloved agent swim away from the wreckage. But beyond that, we can’t be sure what will come of Gibbs.

Additionally, fans question how frequently their favorite medical examiner turned historian, Dr. “Ducky” Mallard, will appear on “NCIS.” The previous season saw the 87-year-old actor take on a majorly reduced role, presumably due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although, “Ducky” has appeared on social media beside his former assistant, Dr. Jimmy Palmer, hinting that Dr. “Ducky” Mallard will play some role in season 19 episodes.

Further, former FBI Agent Tobias Fornell promises to return to season 19, though in what capacity and how frequently, we can’t be sure. The show will further feature a whole host of new cast members. Overall, season 19 promises a lot of dramatic changes and adjustments.