‘NCIS’: The Clue You Missed Foreshadowing Character’s Death in Crucial Gibbs Scene

by Matthew Wilson

“NCIS” isn’t afraid to tug at the heartstrings from time to time. Over the 18 seasons and counting, the show has said goodbye to a number of fan favorites. But the show planned to kill this character in advance. In fact, they even foreshadowed it.

In the second season, “NCIS” lost one of its own. The show killed off Caitlin “Kate” Todd in a dramatic fashion. In the season two finale, “Twilight,” a sniper targeted Kate in a stunning moment. The treacherous Ari Haswari killed the character in a gunshot fans heard around the world.

But “NCIS” must have planned to kill the character off since the beginning. After all, it’s not one to take prisoners when it comes to high tension. But the show actually teased Kate’s death in Season One. It all revolved around a dream that Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs had.

According to Express, that bit of foreshadowing happened in the episode “Reveille” in the show’s first season. Gibbs first dreams about his teammate Ducky Mallard at the morgue. The NCIS agent appears distraught by something.

Gibbs found himself approaching a body bag in that episode. Within the dream, Kat was in the body bag, dead from a bullet to the head. And Ducky transformed into a grinning Ari, who taunted the NCIS agent in his dreams. Later in the episode, the dream comes true when terrorist Marta ends up in the body bag.

But Gibbs’ nightmare proves prophetic a season later. Kate ended up dead, and Ari was the man holding the gun.

‘NCIS’ Is Known For Its Foreshadowing

Pointing out clues and hidden details is the name of the game for the “NCIS” faithful. While the show appears mainly straightforward, rewatches often reveal hidden details on the show. For instance, fans noticed a bit of an ominous easter egg in a key Ducky Mallard scene.

During Season Nine, many “NCIS” fans thought the show might kill off the long-running fan favorite. The character experienced a heart attack in the season finale after witnessing a bombing. The show left fans in the dark for months on whether Ducky would fight another day. Things certainly didn’t look good for the seasoned agent. For one, the scene where Ducky had a heart attack featured a single crow.

In many cultures, a single crow can be a sign of either bad luck or death. Was “NCIS” suggesting fans should prepare for the worst? Well, that crow turned out to be a bit of a red herring after all. Fortunately, Ducky lived to fight another day. Eventually, he retired from the NCIS and has made infrequent appearances on the show ever since.

But it shows that “NCIS” often pays attention to many hidden details.