‘NCIS’: Cote de Pablo Explained Why She Isn’t On Social Media

by Jacklyn Krol

Why is NCIS star Cote de Pablo not on social media?

During an interview with AOL Build Series, the actress revealed her thoughts about social media.

“It’s almost like you’re talking about a world that I’m not a part of,” she said. “That world is fascinating and shiny and everyone’s pretty and everyone’s having a great time.”

“I’m not saying no to it. But when I’m having fun I’m not taking pictures of myself. I’m just having fun and I’m too busy having fun so I really haven’t had a moment.”

de Pablo knows that social media can be a powerful tool. She personally enjoys when people use it to shed light on certain issues and creatives use it for their endeavors. She said that she isn’t “completely opposed to it” but would want to find an angle if she does ever try it out.

de Pablo is a fan of photography, traveling, cooking, and meeting new people. She thought that one of those could be her niches.

“I guess I’m negotiating within myself because I’m an incredibly private person,” she admitted. “You love doing those things and it’s hard having fallen in love with those activities to stop yourself in the middle of it and remind yourself to document it.”

Now there is a new generation of kids growing up with this mindset to document. de Pablo believes trying to get into that mindset is much harder than already being brought up with that mindset.

“I think if you didn’t grow up doing that if we weren’t accustomed to doing that it becomes hard to fold that into the routine of this thing that you love doing,” she concluded.

How Emily Wickersham Was Intimidated By Cote de Pablo on ‘NCIS’

Emily Wickersham took the place of de Pablo after her departure from the show in Season 10. Fans first saw NSA Analyst Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop on the Season 11 episode “Gut Check.” She first appeared as a guest star and quickly became a series regular. Her role essentially replaced Ziva David. Wickersham recently left the show after Season 18.

Wickersham revealed to TV Guide that she was “intimidated” to come into NCIS to replace the beloved character.

“Her work here was amazing, and I think they’re big shoes to fill,” Wickersham shared. “So I was totally nervous. I still am nervous about it. But I’m excited to be here and to be a part of this team, and excited to work with them all.”

Wickersham did an Instagram Live Q&A session with her followers. During the stream, she spoke about being nervous at what fans will think of her and her character. She was also thrilled to be able to work with de Pablo.

“It was really fun working with Cote,” the NCIS star continued. “I didn’t think that would happen on the show, so it was a really cool experience. She’s lovely, she’s a great actress. We had a really good time, it was fun.”