‘NCIS’: Could Gibbs End Up Leaving With Jack Sloane in Upcoming Season 19?

by Shelby Scott

There has been much fan panic this summer as “NCIS” fans prepare for minimal appearances from show patriarch Mark Harmon. Harmon has played the character of Leroy Jethro Gibbs for almost two decades. Additionally, fans learned Harmon had wanted to leave “NCIS” entirely for season 19, theories have spurred left and right.

They wondered how the show could a) function without Gibbs and b) make his leave work for the plot overall. The most recent theory poses that Gibbs has decided to leave the team to reunite with his most recent love interest, Jaqueline Sloane.

“NCIS” fan theories across the internet claim that Gibbs staged the explosion of his boat during the season 18 finale. Since, Reddit has gone wild with input as to why the secretive agent would blow up his own boat. Previously, one fan theory speculated that perhaps Gibbs was going to rescue Bishop. However, that Gibbs may simply want to retire with Sloane makes a lot of sense. And, overall, it would be a lot easier to pull off on screen.

Express stated that while “Jack” Sloane’s appearance on “NCIS” was brief, she and Gibbs had parted on good terms following the former’s leave at the end of season 18. The outlet further stated that, following the explosion of Gibbs’ boat, there would be nothing left to tie him down, allowing him the opportunity to relocate to Afghanistan and reunite with Sloane.

Nevertheless, Reddit, as always, had their thoughts on the matter and fans seem split to the idea of Gibbs and Sloane as a couple overall. One fan said, “I hope Gibbs and Sloane get together[,] she would be the only person who could deal with Gibbs and help him through his emotional issues without taking it too personally.”

Another wholeheartedly disagreed stating, “I see zero chemistry between Sloane and Gibbs. None. At all.”

Regardless, hopefully, season 19 enlightens us as to what happens with the two characters.

‘NCIS’ Fans Hace Concocted Reasonable Gibbs-Centric Theories

While Gibbs’ relationship with Sloane is only the most recent of speculations concerning the actor’s departure from the show, earlier posts from showrunners have sent fans into a frenzy. One of the earliest Gibbs-centric posts took place July 27th, and it simply read, “🛶🛶🛶 #NCIS.”

“wHAT DOES THAT MEAN,” one fan wrote, and, truthfully, we would like to know as well. Others asked, “Why 3 boats?” The biggest theory to come from that post is that Gibbs staged the explosion himself at the end of season 18 and determined to pursue the killer on his own.

Another cryptic post came from “NCIS” writer, Christopher J. Walid. The writer featured a photo of the odometer of what could potentially be Gibbs’ old pickup truck. He captioned the pic, “Has a few miles, but still purrs like a kitten.”

Fans questioned whether the pickup belonged to Gibbs or Walid. One also wondered whether or not the truck had an 8 track. Frequently, Gibbs takes his pickup places when pursuing missions of his own accord, so hopefully, this is another hint that Harmon will make more appearances than we’re being led to believe.

Nevertheless, we continue to wait with agonizing impatience as the September 13th season premiere date inches ever closer.