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‘NCIS’: Could Kayla Vance Be a Future Recruit on the Show?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Courtesy of CBS Entertainment/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“NCIS” is bringing back a previous character to the show for an episode, but could she potentially become a recurring character? Kayla Vance, Director Vance’s daughter, has gone through NCIS training to become a special agent. Could she be just a guest star, or is she gearing up to become a member of the team?

No doubt director Vance is going to try and protect his daughter from the job. He’s still a parent after all. But, she’s trained, and highly qualified. She’s more than capable of assisting the team. Now, if we only knew what she was assisting on.

According to the synopsis, the team is forced to take her along on a dangerous mission. Is Kayla still in training at this point, or has she become an actual agent? We don’t know that yet, but she looks like she’s already highly qualified to help the team.

From the promo photos, it looks like she’s going to be shadowing Torres a bit, which could be great for Torres. He’s been going through some stuff in recent episodes, but a new outlook on the job may be what he needs. Seeing the job through the eyes of a trainee could make him realize why he became an agent in the first place, and remind him that he has a family there. Kayla Vance could definitely be a positive influence on Torres.

So, what about Kayla joining the team? I hope that, at least, she’s a recurring character. I’m not asking for her to become a full-time team member, as we just got Alden Parker and Jessica Knight. But, a helping hand every once in a while would be cool for her character. She could possibly become a consultant once she completes her training, There’s definitely potential for Kayla Vance.

‘NCIS’: Director Vance in the Field

It looks like Director Vance is making a rare appearance in the field in this new “NCIS” episode, and we’re left wondering if something happens to his daughter. The team is forced to bring her on what the synopsis describes as a “dangerous mission,” so what if Vance goes into the field to rescue her?

“NCIS” has definitely introduced a lot of family this season; we met McGee’s mother-in-law in the episode “Docked,” which also briefly featured his wife Delilah. We’re also seeing Palmer’s daughter Victoria all grown up in the upcoming episode “The Helpers.” Could this emphasis on family be a tactic to help Torres realize that he has family in his team? That they consider him more than just a co-worker, but part of their families?

That would certainly be a good way to further Torres’ journey. He needs to realize that he has plenty of people who care about him, I think this emphasis on family could be a positive influence on his character. We’ll just have to wait and see if that’s the cast, though.