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‘NCIS’: Could Marcie Be Season 19’s Hidden Serial Killer?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

Looking over fan theories is a fun way to pass the time while we wait for new episodes of our favorite shows. One of the newest fan theories floating around Reddit suggests the answer to an “NCIS” mystery.

For nineteen seasons the hit CBS drama has offered some star-studded guest appearances. One such appearance is a cameo that many longtime fans have been waiting for. When Marcie Warren was introduced during season 18, longtime fans were thrilled. Marcie is played by Pam Dawber, the real-life wife of “NCIS” star Mark Harmon.

Could the ‘NCIS’ Serial Killer Be Closer Than We Think?

Marcie is introduced to the series as an investigative journalist. She is investigating a serial killer, the same one Harmon’s character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs is trailing.

Since her first appearance on the hit law-enforcement drama, Marcie has been a bit of a mystery. Keeping viewers on their toes, always a little unsure of the journalist’s motives.

A recent Looper article explored one such theory. The theory suggests the killer Gibbs and Marcie are hunting may be closer than we realize.

“This particular “NCIS” fan theory about Marcie that would change everything,” the outlet noted.

The outlet went on to mention one Redditor’s post entitled “Gibbs and the serial killer.” In the Reddit post, it’s suggested the idea that Marcie may actually be the killer Gibbs is determined to capture.

Has Gibbs Caught On to Who the Serial Killer Actually Is?

“They even questioned if the killing spree could be fueled by her desire to break a big story,” the article noted.

The post also suggested that Gibbs may already suspect the reporter as the criminal behind the murders.

“Gibbs then finds out about this and gets himself suspended,” the Redditor wrote according to Looper. “In hope of said reporter writing a story on him.”

The Redditor notes that it is out of character for Gibbs to talk to reporters. However, Gibbs has been open to talking with Marcie since came onto the scene.

“The idea that Gibbs is also onto Marcie’s murderous exploits also explains why he’s willing to open up to her,” the outlet stated.

The article added another piece that makes this fan theory plausible. The fact that no other suspects have been named at this point.

“It wouldn’t be surprising that the killer is revealed to be an existing character,” Looper reported, adding that this plot twist would change quite a few things in the “NCIS” world.

“If it turns out that it’s true that Marcie is the murderer, it would change everything about our perception of her,” the entertainment outlet wrote. “Including what she’s capable of and what’s behind her interest in Gibbs.”