‘NCIS’: Crazy Fan Theory Suggests 2 Cast Favorites Might Land on ‘NCIS: Hawaii’

by Matthew Wilson

“NCIS” fans are convinced that two fan favorites are coming back for an upcoming spin-off. They believe they might star in “NCIS: Hawaii.”

Could Ziva David and also Tony DiNozzo return to the “NCIS” universe? Actors Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly portrayed the couple. Fans believe the upcoming spin-off is secretly a vehicle to continue the adventures of the two characters. While the creative team hasn’t confirmed either characters’ return, fans are already imagining their return.

Twitter Supports Their Return

On Twitter, fans have begun to spread theories about Ziva and Tony relocating to Hawaii. One user wrote, “But imagine if NCIS Hawaii meant that Tony and Ziva came back!” 

Several other users have tweeted in support of the characters reappearing. For instance, one user commented, “Wouldn’t it be so cool if they brought Ziva, Tony & Abby back in NCIS Hawaii???”

Meanwhile, another imagined their return. “”Abby, Tony and Ziva in #NCISHawaii would be my dream cast.”

‘NCIS: Hawaii’ to Focus on New Characters

But fans might not want to hold their breaths. According to Deadline, the show is focused on new characters and a new team. Production doesn’t plan to bring in any old characters or to make the show a secret launch vehicle for any fan favorites. At least not initially.

Perhaps, they will change their tune after seeing the number of fans both Tony and Ziva still have. Ziva first appeared in Season Three and was a mainstay in the show for several seasons. She ultimately left during Season 11. Likewise, Tony left the show in Season 13 to care for the characters’ daughter. Tony learned that Ziva died off-screen and the two had a daughter together. He left to care for their daughter and to investigate Ziva’s death.

But Ziva returned a few seasons later for a limited guest role. It turned out that reports of the character’s death were highly exaggerated. During the character’s return, audiences learned that Ziva and Tony are together as a couple and are raising their daughter together. It’s honestly a good send-off for both characters and allows Ziva and Tony to have a happy ending together.

But fans would like to see the couple share the screen again. Perhaps, they might pop up on “NCIS: Hawaii” or one of the other shows in the universe as special guest stars. Their future remains to be seen as production begins on the newest spinoff.