‘NCIS’: Cryptic Clue From Writer Reveals How Gibbs May Return in Next Season Premiere

by Anna Dunn

NCIS season 19 returns in December, and writer Christopher J. Walid may have dropped a hint about how Gibbs will return. The season 18 finale found Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, swimming away from the wreckage of his boat after an attempted assassination. Gibbs was busy hunting down a serial killer with investigative journalist Marcie Warren when the attempt on his life occurred.

A tweet made last month by Walid shows off the speedometer in what looks like Gibb’s old pickup truck with the caption “Has a few miles, but still purrs like a kitten.”

Content starved fans, of course, are left to wonder if this is Gibbs’ truck, and what that means about his role in season 19.

“I’m just asking…this your car or…is this supposed to be Gibbs’ pickup?” one fan tweeted.

“I’m guessing Gibbs pick up. My question is does it have an 8 track?” another fan said.

Fans are particularly curious about Gibbs’ return for reasons beyond the epic cliffhanger. Mark Harmon, who played Gibbs since his days on Jag, is reportedly thinking of leaving the character behind after two decades. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harmon wanted to leave the series altogether, but the threat of cancellation was enough to make him stay.

In the early years, episodes with Gibbs were expected. It wasn’t an episode of NCIS without Gibbs. Now, they’re about to be coveted. Harmon will only appear in a handful of episodes, and there’s no guarantee he’ll appear in a 20th season if the show were to have one.

A Recent Tweet From ‘NCIS’ Has Sparked Further Fan Theories about Gibbs

If the pickup truck wasn’t enough, NCIS recently tweeted a callback to the season 18 finale. It was a simple tweet consisting of no word, just three boat emojis.

NCIS fans responded immediately.

“……… whAT DOES THAT MEAN,” one fan wrote. Another pointed out the number of boats.

“Why 3 boats ?” they asked. Some think that maybe Gibbs set his own boat up to blow up so he could fake his own death and pursue the killer in secret. But why three boats?

As much as one can try to put the puzzle pieces together, only actual episodes can fully explain what’s going on. No matter what it is, season 19 is setting itself up to be a season like no other. With Emily Wickersham gone and Mark Harmon making small appearances, the show will feel different. Hopefully, production will treat it like a clean slate full of new opportunities over a hole that needs to be filled.

And while fans worry about the future of the show, not all hope is lost. NCIS remains the #1 drama in the world, and if it can maintain that, it may not go anywhere any time soon. If you want to catch season 19 of the show, it’ll air on Monday, September 13th at 9 pm est on CBS. After season 19 premieres, the first-ever episode of NCIS: Hawai’i will air right after.