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‘NCIS’: Did Gibbs Fake His Death to Expose Serial Killer in FBI?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

The explosive NCIS season 18 finale found Gibbs nearly dead in the water. His most recent boat, Rule 91, mysteriously exploded when he took it out. Could the boat have been sabotaged? Or was the explosion a deliberate choice Gibbs made in order to fake his death?

Questions and theories abound; in the finale episode, titled “Rule 91”, Gibbs and investigative journalist Marcie Warren find out their homes have been bugged while they’re tracking a serial killer. Once Gibbs takes the boat out and it explodes, his body floats to the surface, and it seems like the end of Gibbs and Mark Harmon on NCIS; but, Gibbs gets away, stealthily swimming away from the wreckage. This leads to the question, did Gibbs fake his death to help catch the serial killer?

‘NCIS’ Season 19 Cast List Gives Clues

According to Express, Gary Cole’s new character, FBI Special Agent Alden Park, has the potential to be season 19’s new villain. Reddit user newtothisjunk recently posted a theory, stating, “the NCIS team will get news of the explosion and will begin investigating as if Gibbs has died. The team will then connect with Marcie at some point and start working the case from the serial killer angle.” They claim that with Park coming in on the FBI side, there will be some fight over jurisdiction, with NCIS and FBI eventually working together, with Gibbs investigating on his own while being “dead.”

The original poster theorizes that Gibbs’ limited involvement in season 19 indicates that he could’ve faked his death. “I’m assuming this limited role will be him secretly being in contact with Mcgee [sic] or Marcie exchanging details about the case,” the user commented. With everyone assuming he’s dead, Gibbs is free to investigate without the rules or boundaries of the NCIS. He may not have access to NCIS technology, but he still has his instincts; that’s all Gibbs needs to solve a case.

Can Gibbs Ever Come Back?

Redditor newtothisjunk ended their post on a melancholy note: “I don’t see Gibbs really returning to his old role in the show,” they wrote, “they should probably wrap up the series within the next season or two.” True, it would be hard for Gibbs to come back and pick up his old life at the NCIS after faking his death. Is this the invitation Mark Harmon needs to step away from the show for good?

There’s speculation that Jessica Knight, played by Katrina Law, could become Gibbs’ replacement for season 19; or, it’s possible that FBI Agent Park is gearing up to transfer to the NCIS. But fans heavily suspect Park as the serial killer; they are hoping for a twist to the new season that has Gibbs coming back home.