‘NCIS’: Did Gibbs Miss His Chance for Relationship with Marcie in Episode 2?

by Leanne Stahulak

“NCIS” star Mark Harmon’s character Gibbs seems to be a man on a mission this season. Primarily because someone’s trying to kill him and almost succeeded in last season’s finale episode.

But while he’s super-focused on this one work case, where does that leave his personal relationships? In the dust, apparently. Based on the way he left things with Marcie, the investigative journalist, it seems like Gibbs has killed off any potential romance for the next few “NCIS” episodes.

In Season 18, Marcie and Gibbs worked together to track down a serial killer. Their search eventually lead them to the lake where Gibbs’ boat got blown up, presumably by the killer. This puts Marcie in danger as well, because the killer might know that she and Gibbs worked together to try and find him.

When the NCIS team finds Gibbs recovering in a barn, one of the first things he tells them is to make sure Marcie’s safe. That indicates a certain level of care or protectiveness towards her. But in the next “NCIS” episode, which aired this past week, he visits her just as she’s leaving town. And no matter how many hints she drops, he lets her leave with little more than a goodbye.

Gibbs might look a little conflicted about Marcie leaving town, but he ultimately knows it’s for the best while the killer’s still out there. Maybe Marcie will come back after they track down who’s ordering hits on people. But her and Gibbs’ chemistry just won’t be the same as it would’ve been if she hadn’t left.

Plus, based on the events of the rest of the episode, a romantic attachment might not be the greatest idea for Gibbs right now. Clearly, he’s got a lot of other things on his plate that need his immediate attention.

What Will Happen to Gibbs in the Next ‘NCIS’ Episode?

Right after Gibbs goes to visit Marcie, a lot of action goes down at the NCIS headquarters. The suspect they apprehended breaks loose and takes agents hostage to try and escape the station. Just when he holds a letter opener to Kasie’s throat, shots fire from behind him and he goes down. Lo and behold, Gibbs stands behind the dead suspect, stepping out of the elevator.

While Kasie’s free and unharmed, their number one lead lies dead, at Gibbs’ hand. And based on a conversation between Director Leon Vance and FBI Special Agent Aldean Parker, it doesn’t bode well for the squad leader.

Parker tells Vance he wants to help them track down the person who hired the dead suspect to do the killings. But Parker’s one condition is that Gibbs stays out of it. Vance quickly hits back, saying Gibbs has “too much skin in the game.” We’ll see if Gibbs and Parker clash during the investigation during next week’s episode.