‘NCIS’: DiNozzo Once Came Close to Death’s Door During One Tense Moment

by Lauren Boisvert

In the “NCIS” season 2 episode “SWAK,” DiNozzo got dangerously close to death. In the episode, a letter sealed with a kiss is sent to the NCIS, addressed simply to NCIS Special Agent. DiNozzo insists that he recognizes the lips on the envelope, and excitedly cuts it open. That’s when a plume of white powder erupts from the envelope.

The episode definitely plays on the Anthrax attacks of 2001. Except, instead of Anthrax, a strain of pneumonic plague infects DiNozzo. NCIS is shut down, and DiNozzo sent to Bethesda Naval Hospital. Because Kate was standing near him, she goes as well, but is ruled out for infection. Kate claims to be infected, though, in order to stay with DiNozzo and comfort him as long as possible. Eventually, she has to leave, though.

Gibbs tries his best to get an antidote, but none exist. DiNozzo only has a 15 percent chance to live. Eventually, Gibbs finds the person who sent the letter; a woman named Hanna who wanted to get back at the NCIS for protecting the Naval Academy instead of standing with her daughter when a midshipman raped her. She lets slip that a certain Dr. Pandy didn’t know she stole the Y. pestis, the strain of bacteria that carries pneumonic plague. So, Gibbs runs off to find the good doctor.

When Gibbs demands that Pandy save DiNozzo, Pandy reveals that the plague has a suicide gene built in, so that it can’t live past 32 hours. Pandy and his team created the plague in the lab to test antibiotics, as they believe antibiotic-resistant diseases are going to be the new terrorist threat. But, the plague dies after 32 hours; DiNozzo is saved.

It takes him a bit to recover, but, DiNozzo lives to fight crime for another 11 seasons.

‘NCIS’: Could Michael Weatherly Come Back in a Much Different Role?

In other Michael Weatherly news, fans are desperate for him to return to “NCIS” as DiNozzo now that “Bull” is ending. While there’s no official news that he’ll be reprising his role, Weatherly definitely seems open to it. He’s always posting on social media about his former show; whether it’s reruns of old episodes, or dreams he had about Gibbs.

But, there’s a possibility that Weatherly could come back to “NCIS” in a much different role. Could he potentially take on some directing roles on the show? He directed two “NCIS” episodes during his run, one in season 8 and the other in season 10. He also directed two “Bull” episodes. Now that “Bull” is coming to an end, is it possible that he could take up a directing position on “NCIS”? We’ll have to wait and see what his next project is going to be.