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‘NCIS’: Does McGee’s Father Not ‘Make Sense’ for His Character

by Jacklyn Krol
Greg Doherty, Getty Images

Do you think NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee’s father makes sense for the character?

One Reddit user theorized that his father just doesn’t make sense for his character. User @azulamazing recently watched the “Squall” episode in Season 10. They noted that this is the final main character’s parent that viewers meet. (Excluding Abby, whose parents died, and Kate who died before we got the chance to meet them.)

They noted that people can come from any type of family and background and nothing needs to make sense. However, they noted other NCIS characters and their relationships where it makes more sense. Like the relationships between Ziva and her father or Tony DiNozzo and his father. Even Gibbs’ father had leadership and gruff influence on him.

“It’s not believable in the same way,” they explained. “You can really see how the other three sort of came to be from their relationships with their fathers.”

The person doesn’t see any father’s influence on him. However, they have read fanfiction before which depicted McGee as having a typical family. Overall, the depiction fans have in their head isn’t what it seems to be on the show.

“McGee has always struck me as having this sort of quiet resilience that comes from well-raised kids,” they added.

The NCIS fan also added that almost all of the mothers are dead. We don’t even know if McGee’s mother is alive!

Another fan noted that at the beginning of the series, McGee is more “neurotic and insecure.” They believed that his low confidence and attitude could have stemmed from his strict father. Then Gibbs became the caring father role that he always wanted and needed.

‘NCIS’ Lessons Learned

During Sean Murray’s time on NCIS, he has learned numerous lessons, especially from his co-star Mark Harmon. In an interview, he explained how much he has had an impact on him. He helped both his personal life and career advice. He has been able to work through the industry and learn from the seasoned professional.

“So, it’s even fun too because then the progression of the Gibbs/McGee relationship is also something that I’ve gotten to have with Mark as we’ve gone,” Murray added. “Obviously, over eighteen years we’ve gotten very, very tight and we have a similar work ethic. We approach things the same ways in a lot of ways in terms of work and even personal and other things.”

As an actor, the role has given him opportunities to learn. He realized what he enjoys doing and what works for him. What makes him uncomfortable and what he does to keep things fresh and challenging.