‘NCIS’: Does McGee’s Father Make Sense For His Character?

by Joe Rutland

Fans of CBS’s show “NCIS” are debating whether or not the father of Special Agent Timothy McGee makes sense for his character.

McGee is played by Sean Murray, who has been with “NCIS” since its first season. Actor Jamey Sheridan, who had a role in “Homeland,” played McGee’s father John. He was estranged from Timothy and his sister, Sarah McGee.

In a Reddit thread, the fans are buzzing about this topic. Redditor azulamazing wrote, “I’m up to ‘Squall’ in s10 and am being introduced to McGee’s father for the first time. Excluding Kate, who wasn’t on the show a very long time, and Abby, whose parents are dead, McGee’s father is the last one to show up out of everyone’s. And I just can’t really buy him as McGee’s father?”

‘NCIS’ Fan Said McGee Doesn’t Act Like Someone Raised With Father’s Qualities

The fan said Timothy McGee doesn’t act on “NCIS” like someone raised by someone like John McGee.

“I know people can come from any background and it doesn’t need to make ‘sense’ but when you compare this relationship to the relationships between Ziva and her father, and Tony and his, and even Gibbs and his father, it’s just not believable in the same way.”

Writer kiwi_g_g replied, “In the beginning of the show McGee is neurotic and insecure, unsure of how to deal with tony and Kate’s ribbing.”

The writer said that seemed to fit the story of being raised under the hand of a super-strict father that values order over affection. The writer also said most of McGee’s greater characteristics come out after joining Gibbs [Mark Harmon] and his team. Then, Gibbs became a father figure to McGee.

Then azulamazing responded, “I mean it’s true he was much more neurotic at the start, but honestly that just struck me as him being a sheltered nerdy kid having to face the school jocks again.”

So the debate goes on and will as “NCIS” rolls toward its 19th season this fall on CBS.

Show Star Mark Harmon Keeps Powerful Daily Goal In Front Of Him

Harmon has played Jethro Gibbs since the opening show of “NCIS.” Yet he was a star college football player at UCLA before his acting career.

“I’ve never been the most talented, as an athlete or as an actor,” Harmon told Variety Magazine. “But I understand the work ethic. I try hard but make mistakes all the time and try to be better from those mistakes.”

Harmon, though, knows there is more than just working hard to succeed. Here’s where he gives us his daily goal.

“My daily thing is to learn something today that I didn’t know yesterday,” he said. “And that’s the way I intend to live the rest of my life That’s the way I play the game.”

While Harmon always does play to win, it is in learning something new each day that carries him that much further down the road.