‘NCIS’: Does One Major Character Have Dark Secret Identity as a Serial Killer?

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS fans won’t let this theory go. They’re convinced a certain character who is well connected to Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a serial killer.

And because it’s summer, and the NCIS season 19 premiere still is weeks away, speculating on characters is what fans do. That’s why they call it a cliffhanger.

So, if you follow the clues dropped throughout the spring episodes, the serial killer is — Marcie Warren. She’s played by Pam Dawber, the real-life wife of Mark Harmon, who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs. We’ll let that marinate a few moments.

There’s a thread on Redditt called Gibbs and the serial killer. And fans are having all sorts of fun trying to figure out the identity of the killer. If it’s Marcie, that detail would drop season 19 on its head.

First, some background. Marcie Warren was in a four-episode arc to end season 18. She played an investigative journalist. Gibbs was given an indefinite suspension for assaulting a suspect who was an animal abuser. So he had free time to work with Marcie, who was investigated whether the same person killed several people.

In the season finale, Gibbs figured out that someone had bugged his house. Marcie was with him when he plucked a listening device out of a house plant. In this NCIS scene, Gibbs turned up the volume to the song Tom Petty’s Runnin’ Down a Dream. (That was a Gibbs favorite tune). Then Gibbs started scribbling notes to Marcie. He told her to “walk away” and “don’t be the story” when Marcie asked if she was in danger.

NCIS Fans Convinced Marcie is the Killer

Wrote TonySnark81: “I called this a month ago. Marcy is the killer, and Gibbs is hunting for proof.”

Later in the episode, Marcie found Gibbs at a lake. That’s the same lake where someone dumped a body. Gibbs wanted to go explore an area that’s only accessible via boat. That’s probably why he retrieved his boat from the basement. Then the NCIS finale ended with a big blast, as Gibbs boat blew up. Except we know Gibbs didn’t die because cameras showed him swimming away.

We don’t know if the explosion was a head fake by Gibbs, who wanted to fake his own death. Or, maybe Gibbs was lucky. He miraculously survived a bomb set by someone else. Like Marcie. It would need to be somebody who had access to Gibbs’ boat, which never left his basement.

“Do you think she planted the bomb or was it Gibbs?” wrote WhoIsItMichael. “Curious because if she is the killer and Gibbs planted it, wouldn’t it not make sense because she would know the killer didn’t do it?”

Another NCIS fan named AdministrativeOne13·wrote: “Also her appearing out of nowhere even for the show seems kinda suspicious. We don’t know what news thingy she works for, what her background is and all that.

“But with all that the serial killer they’re chasing has a way of killing people and her blowing up Gibbs for only reason of him being close to catching the killer is very slim. (It) might be this story goes way back into the past and she has something against Gibbs personally.”

Tonysnark81 finished the thread: “I think she planted it. But he found it and retired it so he could fake his death. He really isn’t as inept with electronics as he appears to be.”