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‘NCIS’ Drops Pic of Gibbs in Basement Moment That Has Fans Still Puzzled Over Recent Season Finale

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

NCIS, it’s way too soon to make jokes about Gibbs’ basement on cute Friday social media posts.

No quips are allowed until there’s an explanation for how Gibbs moved the boat out of his basement.

Post in question? This one, captioned “A Gibbs walks into his basement. NCIS

The basement was so key to the season 18 NCIS finale in late May. It’s where Bishop (Emily Wickersham) came to talk to him after she’d been suspended for allegedly leaking NSA classified info. (Spoiler alert, she did, but it’s complicated.) Bishop tells Gibbs (Mark Harmon):

“We’re supposed to be a team, Gibbs, and you have kept us all in the dark.” But Gibbs quickly tells her “what is this about, really, Bishop, because you picked a helluva time in your life to come at me.” 

Bishop finally tells Gibbs  “you’re not ever coming back, are you?” She puts down her cocktail and exits the basement.

Need another NCIS basement scene? How about the one where Marcie (Pam Dawber) meets Gibbs and they talk about the possible serial murderer both are investigating. Gibbs figures out his house is bugged. And Marcie eventually tells him he should think of a name for his boat, which he was keeping in the basement.

Towards the end of the finale, we see Gibbs on the road, hauling his boat. Somewhere. Bishop calls him, asking about Rule 91. NCIS is all about Gibbs and his rules. He tells Bishop “when you decide to walk away, don’t look back.”

And we know that Gibbs named his boat Rule 91. Plus, we know the boat blew up. Gibbs still is alive, but no one knows what will happen to him in season 19.

So NCIS, with all these unresolved feelings, why oh why bring up the basement? Thousands of fans had interacted with the Instagram photo within an hour of it’s posting.

Here’s a sampling of the reaction from NCIS fans. They weren’t playing, either. It was equal parts frustration over the no-boat explanation and Bishop leaving the team.

One fan wrote: “A Gibbs walks into the basement what will he do. Build a boat for the billionth time.”

“But the real question is how does he get the boat out.”

Then, there were so many NCIS fans bemoaning the Bishop departure. At the end of the finale, she kissed love interest Nick Torres, then walked away and to her new career, deep undercover. The couple was so popular, they had their own nickname. Ellick. Get it? Ellie plus Nick. It rolls off the tongue.

An NCIS fan demanded: “Give me back ellie bishop right now.” Still another wrote “Ellick’s happy ever after is all we ask about.”

This post about sums it all up:

“Gibbs + basement + bourbon. I can watch a whole episode of just Gibbs building (a) boat in his basement alone. Actually, I don’t want to know how he gets the boat out of his basement because some mysteries are so beautiful only if they stay mysteries.”

Stay tuned. And enjoy a terrific Friday, even if no one knows how Gibbs got the boat out of the basement.