‘NCIS’: Eagle-Eyed Fans Are Left ‘Surprised’ After Picking Up on One Characteristic of McGee

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

NCIS has some sharp-eyed, dedicated fans out there; in a recent Reddit post, user tinglesnap noticed Timothy McGee has an interesting characteristic. Apparently, as seen in season 9 episode 17, McGee writes with his left hand. “I love seeing lefties on screen,” the user posted. Additionally, Reddit user dgsouthe commented “McLefty,” prompting another user to reply “DiNozzo…is that you?” harkening back to the infamous teasing McGee would endure at the hands of fellow agent Tony DiNozzo. Interesting how McGee, as a lefty, can mean so much to fans who identify with his character.

‘NCIS’ Almost Made McGee A One-Time Character

According to reports, McGee was almost a one-time character. The character appeared in season 1 episode 7, way back in 2003. Executive producer Frank Cardea shared how Timothy McGee was born: In the season 1 episode “Sub Rosa”, which includes Gibbs boarding a submarine, “We had Tony’s character left alone on shore. And we needed a foil; someone to bounce off. And Sean’s character McGee was created as a one-time thing”. Furthermore, Cardea went on to state that DiNozzo and McGee had “chemistry…from the first episode”. After a few hours, McGee became a regular on the show. He has been in almost every episode from that point onward, becoming a crucial member of the team. What would NCIS be without McGeek, to borrow a nickname from DiNozzo.

Who Is Timothy McGee?

Timothy McGee started out as a computer geek; on the NCIS team, he specialized in cybersecurity and computer crime. In addition, the show characterized him as a shy and inexperienced agent when he first started, but Sean Murray explains that the character has grown immensely. He states,”He’s grown a lot from the corner computer guy, helping out. So much faith has been put in him by Gibbs and the fellow characters”. McGee and Delilah Fielding married in season 14. The couple has two children together, twins, born in season 15 episode 9. McGee has a younger sister named Sarah who first appeared in the season 2 episode “Red Cell.” Sean Murray’s real-life stepsister Troian Bellisario portrays her, and she has a bigger role in the season 4 episode “Twisted Sister.”

McGee has grown and evolved as a character; from a timid man who could barely handle shooting his first suspect, to an agent who takes the lead on occasion. His team can count on and trust him because of the character he has grown into. He is a pivotal member of the NCIS team, and it is hard to imagine the show without him. Also, he’s a lefty.