‘NCIS’: Emily Wickersham Opens Up About Her Character Ellie Bishop in 2018 Interview

by Quentin Blount

Got a case of the Monday blues? Or are you just missing NCIS star Emily Wickersham like the rest of us?

Well, whatever the case may be, we are here to brighten your day. Whether you are an NCIS fan or not, a smile from Emily Wickersham can help make even the worst of days better. We got all of that and more nostalgia listening to the actress open up about playing her character, Agent Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop, on the popular military drama.

Wickersham joined the CBS News crew for an in-person interview back in January of 2018. There, she offered up some of the behind-the-scenes talks that we all are dying to hear. She was also asked how much she enjoyed playing the character of Agent Bishop.

“I really love it,” the NCIS star said. “You know, it has been really fun. I’ve been on the show for five seasons and it is a really awesome job to get to do every day.”

You can watch the entire interview and footage from the show down below:

‘NCIS’ Star Emily Wickersham Goes Undercover as the ‘Bad’ Girl

It didn’t take long into the interview before the CBS news crew played some NCIS footage starring Emily Wickersham’s character. The first clip came from an episode where Agent Bishop goes on an undercover mission. In the scene, she phones Mark Harmon’s character, Agent Gibbs, while she is still undercover with a captive in the back of her van.

“You gotta be bad to be good sometimes,” one of the news anchors says with a laugh.

“That’s exactly right!” the other anchor confirmed. “That is your character, right? I mean, that’s such a cool aspect of the role that you get to go on these undercover stings on the show. And you can see in Mark Harmon’s face he’s like, ‘Okay, Ellie’s on an undercover sting operation.'”

Wickersham says that filming that episode will go down as one of her especially favorite memories.

“Yeah, you know, that episode, in particular, was one of my favorites,” the actress admitted. “Because my character doesn’t actually get to go undercover that much. And I was actually able to get to play like two other characters in that episode. That is so different than just going into work and doing the regular Bishop stuff week to week. That was a real treat to me.”

Meanwhile, seeing footage of Wickersham being so in love with her work is definitely bittersweet for all of us NCIS fans. We just learned earlier this month that the show would be moving on without her following the conclusion of its 18th season.

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