‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham Posts Gorgeous Sunset Beach Pic

by Leanne Stahulak

After leaving the “NCIS” franchise for good this past spring, Agent Ellie Bishop actress Emily Wickersham started hitting up the beach more.

Fans were devastated to hear about Wickersham’s departure from the long-running crime drama. She starred as Ellie Bishop for 8 years, starting in 2013. Wickersham’s character ended up resigning from the NCIS team to go undercover on a long-term operation. But we’re not quite sure why Wickersham herself decided to exit the series.

Some fans speculate it’s because the “NCIS” star knew she was pregnant back in May. Wickersham recently announced that she’d be having a baby boy in an adorable poolside Instagram post. She captioned the post, “My mom taking a photo of a future mom with a baby boy on the way!” The actress also tagged her boyfriend, James Badge Dale.

Since leaving “NCIS” and announcing her pregnancy, Wickersham’s taken several trips to the beach. Yesterday, Wickersham posted a breathtaking photo of the sun setting over the beach and waves.

“Most golden of all the hours,” Wickersham wrote in the caption. It certainly looks like golden hour, with the sun lighting up everyone in the pic in gold and shadowy tones. The beach actually looks fairly busy, with surfers heading towards the waves, swimmers bobbing in the distance, and sun-tanners lounging on the sand.

The “NCIS” star’s fans sent well wishes to the actress, both on her beach day and for her pregnancy.

“Soon You’ll be doing that with lil bubba in ur arms,” one fan commented on her post.

“Miss you. Stay well,” another said.

“Be safe mamas,” another fan wrote. “Amazing view.”

‘NCIS’ Star Emily Wickersham Lives It Up at Beach After Departing Show

“NCIS” star Emily Wickersham gave the show a heartfelt goodbye via Instagram when she left. But since then, she’s used the extra time to soak in the sun and enjoy the waves at the local beaches she frequents.

In the last month or so, Wickersham’s posted a few scenic, faraway shots of the beach and sand. She’s also posted adorable selfies and artsy path pics. In one snapshot, we see her and her boyfriend Dale wearing matching sun hats in the cutest couple selfie. “Almost a hat trick,” Wickersham captions the post. They’re just one hat short.

In another, the “NCIS” star shares a sweet photo of one of her dogs posing under a beach sign. The sign, ironically, reads, “No dogs on the beach.” In the next photo, Wickersham shares a photo of the same dog sitting on the sand and staring at the waves. Naughty rule-breaker.