‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham Serves a Captivating Look as She Posts About the ‘Calm Before the Storm’

by Quentin Blount

It’s so hard not to love former NCIS star, Emily Wickersham. After all, she has such a calm and captivating personality. And she often shares that personality in photos on Instagram.

That’s exactly what Wickersham again did on Friday evening. The star actress appeared on NCIS from season 11 to season 18 as Special Agent Elanor “Ellie” Bishop. However, she announced a couple of months ago that she would not be coming back for season 19.

Fans have been rightfully upset by the news. Agent Bishop was without a doubt a fan-favorite character on the military crime show. And now that one of their favorite characters won’t be on the show any longer, they will have to find a way to fill that gap.

However, one of those ways can be by simply following Wickersham on social media. It’s not like she has left everyone for good. In fact, quite the opposite — Wickersham has been extremely active on her official Instagram account. And it seems like she has been extremely content with her decision to depart from NCIS. She’s been living her best life all summer long.

That was evident in the NCIS alum’s latest post, which she captioned, “Calm before the storm.”

As for fans of the popular CBS show, they have bittersweet feelings regarding Wickersham and her moving on. Some of them are holding onto feelings of the past, while others are excited to see what the actress does in the future.

“Agent Bishop ❤️” one fan commented.

“You are just casually beautiful!” another person said. “NCIS is gonna miss you but I look forward to your next endeavors.”

And finally, one follower had a question relating to her recent picture. “Beautiful photo! Are you the calm or the storm?” they asked.

‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham is Pregnant

Speaking of the calm before the storm, Emily Wickersham announced late last month that she is pregnant. Now, of course, we can’t be sure that her “calm before the storm” caption is in regard to that, but it would certainly make sense.

The former ‘NCIS’ star took to Instagram in late July to post a poolside photo where she showed off her baby bump for the first time.

“My mom taking a picture of a future mom with a baby boy on the way!” Wickersham captioned the post.

With all of that said, our beloved Agent Bishop did not give us a due date to look forward to. But if the photo is any indication, then she is at least a couple of months along. One way or another, the soon-to-be mom has been living this summer to its fullest. And all the while she has been enjoying her pregnancy at the same time.